Monthly Update

We’d like to start by thanking the Charities that have chosen us as their partner in achieving remarkable fundraising goals.

We’ll be sending a monthly update to keep you informed on how CharitySaver is supporting non-profit organisations throughout the UK.
In this first update, we’ll start from the beginning.

Ian Richardson and Les Robinson (CharitySaver’s partners) have been fortunate to have nurtured successful global businesses in the Finance and Digital sectors. Along the way, they’ve supported Charities around Yorkshire and Warwickshire, but it wasn’t until they witnessed a gap in the market where online processing fees are concerned, that CharitySaver was founded.

CharitySaver was established from the ground up as a “one-stop-shop” for non-profit organisations and donors alike. Ours is a platform that keeps fundraising true to its roots, by providing charities with access to free fundraising and minimised overhead costs.

This ultimately enables them to spend more on delivering their services with ease and to reward donors for their generosity.

What are the benefits involved for Charities who work with us?

  • Our registration costs are FREE. No contracts, no monthly fees, no hidden charges.
  • From CharitySaver’s platform, online donation card processing fees are probably the lowest in the world.
  • Charities have opportunistic access to FREE offices, shops and workspaces.
  • Expect savings of up to 60% on services such as data management, mobile costs, broadband and energy.
  • We offer comprehensive Google Grant support enabling Charities to utilise £7,500 of FREE digital advertising.
  • With CharitySaver, you are provided with a growing list of FREE services to support your charity.

Mae pobl arbennig yn disgleirio

Mae Sparkle Elusen Cymru yn sicrhau bod plant a pobl ifanc sydd ag anableddau a / neu anawsterau datblygu, ac mae eu teuluoedd yn cael cefnogaeth lawn ac yn gallu cymryd rhan mewn profiadau plentyndod gwerthfawr, gyda mynediad i’r un ystod o gyfleoedd, profiadau bywyd, gweithgareddau a gwasanaethau cymunedol fel unrhyw blentyn arall a’u teulu. Rydyn ni’n cefnogi Sparkle AM DDIM trwy cyfleoedd lle gwaith, archwiliad cronfa ddata rhoddwyr AM DDIM a marchnata cyffredinol.

Special People Shine

Welsh Charity Sparkle ensure that children and young people with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties and their families are fully supported and able to participate in valued childhood experiences, with access to the same range of opportunities, life experiences, activities and community services as any other child and their family. We’re supporting Sparkle with FREE workspace opportunities, FREE donor database audit and general marketing

Headway Brain Injury Association

Headway aims to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers. In addition, Headway will campaign to reduce the incidence of brain injury.

The organisation was provided with a FREE social media campaign targeting the Midlands region and a prospective reach of 200,000 donors a month. They are also looking at reducing their general marketing overhead costs by 60%.


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