100 Active Charity Funding Sources to Apply for (2023)

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Do you find that charitable donations and charitable contributions do not provide all the money your organization needs?

There are a number of funding lists available online, but they all include out of date information on them. Many also do not list a website where you can check criteria before you spend time making grant applications.

We have provided a solution by compiling this list of active charity funding organisations for 2023. As far as we can ascertain, all are currently accepting applications or will this year. Many also display past grants information that eligible applicants can refer to

For the purposes of this list, we have not included those that only fund organizations in their local area. The only exceptions to this are

·     Tesco community grants

·     Asda foundation

This makes the following information an easy way to find the type of grant you are looking for. In building the list we have included grant making charitable organizations, Family Foundations, the occasional Private foundation and nonprofit organizations.

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How the list works

We have split the list into 5 areas:

  1. UK … Grants available to UK based charities, community groups & non-profits, supporting UK causes
  2. Africa… Grants available to charities, community groups & non-profits, working in Africa
  3. Asia… Grants available to charities, community groups & non-profits, working in Asia
  4. International… Grants across several countries for charities, non-profits that match their criteria
  5. USA & Canada… Grants available to charities, community groups & non-profits, that work in those countries

This list, and most of the grants on it, has been gathered for charities and non-profits (and in some cases community colleges) to use. However, some of the grants may also be available for small businesses as well.

Each grant has been split out to give you the direct website page link. this is followed by the organization name, and a summary of the grant so you can see if its relevant.

We have only included funding sources with a website. Many of these show their grant eligibility requirements, best practices, and often the application process. The websites also provide contact information.

The positive impacts these grant makers are looking to achieve, with any additional support is also readily available. Some may also offer technical assistance.

Grants from Government, and local governments, are usually identifiable (for both national and local government) so are not included in this list. This also applies to federal funds and any assistance from the federal government (USA)

Finally… this is a work in progress. We will be adding more grant making bodies, along with the latest funding opportunities, on a regular basis. So remember to keep coming back to check out potential sources of funding for your charity.

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7 Stars Foundation


Supports charities working with the under 16’s in the areas of: abuse, addiction, homelessness and young carers

Blakemore Foundation


Offering small grants across Wales and central UK

The Soldiers Charity


Providing grants to registered charities and some others, that support the army community

Albert Hunt Trust


Supporting charities that provide hospice care, help the homeless, or promote health and wellbeing

The Anchor Foundation


Supporting Christian charities whose charitable purposes include social inclusion

Animal Rescue Foundation


Supports animal charities (rescue centres, shelters, re-housing) with a low gross income

Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust


Gives grants to registered UK charities supporting the socially disadvantaged and disabled of all ages

Arcadia trust


Supports charities involved in Cultural heritage and protecting endangered ecosystems

The Archer Trust


Small grants for UK Charities involved with supporting disadvantaged or marginalised people

Arnold Clark Community Fund


For charities and community interest companies that are involved with community work in the UK

Arts Council England


Listing the main sources of funding for the arts in the UK

Asda Foundation.


Support for local community groups (apply through your local Asda store’s Community Champion Officer) supporting community needs. Note: Each large store works with local communities in that area.



Climate solutions awards. 2023 closing date is March 8th 2023.

Ashworth Charitable Trust.


Grants for UK registered charities. Does not cover non-humanitarian charities

Association of Independent Museums.


Providing grants to museums

The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust.


Grants for charities that work with communities in the UK

Aviva Community Fund.


Providing grants and match funding (small) for charities that are focused on climate action or financial wellbeing for UK communities

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The Baily Thomas Charitable Fund.


Grants for charities (UK only) dealing with learning disabilities

BBC Children In Need.


Grants for charities that work with young people under the age of 18

The Beacon Lodge Charitable Trust.


Grants for charities involved with the support and welfare of children

Beatrice Laing Trust.


Support for Christian organisations

The Beaverbrook Foundation.


Grant available for range of charitable activities

The Benefact Trust.


Grants to churches and Christian charities

British and Foreign School Society.


Grants for UK registered charities, Schools and community groups for projects that improve access to education for refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced peoples, under the age of 25

Birkdale Trust for the Hearing impaired.


Grants available for registered UK charities that promotes the welfare of hearing impaired children

The Bishop Radford Trust.


Grants for UK registered charities and churches. Charity must have a Christian ethos and ministry in their charitable objectives

Bosier-Hinton Foundation.


Grants for registered charities that provide facilities and/or advocacy for children and adults with special educational needs

British Airways Better World Community Fund.


Offering up to £50,000 additional funding for community initiatives that are crowdfunding

British Muslim Covid=19 Fund


For charities and voluntary groups in the UK that have been affected by the impact of Covid=19. Grants from £250 to £5,000

The Bromley Trust.


Grants for charities working on human Rights or Prison Reform

Bruce Wake Charitable Trust


Grants related to the provision of leisure activities for the disabled. Note: preference given where the grant is to be used for improved access for wheelchair users and the proposed activity involves wheelchair users

Buffini Chao Foundation


Awards grants for charities promoting or providing education and opportunity for young people

The Caron Keating Foundation


Supporting cancer research - awards small Grants to small Cancer charities

The Clore Duffield Foundation


Grant making for charities involved in cultural learning and more

The Clothworkers Foundation


Grants for organisations that work with minority communities

Comic Relief


Support is primarily for organisations working to overcome poverty

UK Community Foundations


Supports UK community based organisations. Each individual foundation covers its own area. Overall they have awarded £1bn+ in grants

David Riddell Memorial CIO.


Grant to small charities that have programmes/activities to support the mental health of young people, and/or suicide prevention programmes

The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust


Grants for UK charities in the Arts, Health, Medical welfare and environment.

The Dulverton Trust


Grant opportunities for UK charities. Youth opportunities, general welfare, conservation, heritage

DWF Foundation


Grants up to £5,000

The Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust


Providing a limited number of grants

The Edward Gosling Foundation


Provides funds for UK registered charities that support people living with a disability on low income

Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust


For Charities that work with the elderly, or for Equines

The Earnest Cook Trust


Grants for Charities, Schools, and non-profits. For educational projects to encourage young people’s interest in the countryside

The Cleary Fund


Grants for historic buildings



Not actually grants – they distribute surplus food to UK charities and community groups

February Foundation


Grant funding (around £5,000) for a wide range of charitable organisations

Finnis Scott Foundation


For charitable organisations involved with Horticultural, Art and Art history

The Foyle Foundation


Supporting charities whose core work covers the arts and learning

Freelands Foundation


Grants to UK registered charities working in visual arts or art education

The GC Gibson Charity


Grants of £1,000 to £10,000. Supports a range of charities and preference changes each year

The Garfield Weston Foundation


Supports a wide range of charities across the UK. Donations are about £90 million each year. Welfare, Youth, Community groups, Art, environment, education.

Gilchrist Educational Trust


For charities/organisations that fill educational gaps (schools cannot apply)

Gillian Stevenson Trust


Financial assistance of between £100 and £5,000 is available for charitable organisations. You must be working with young people and families in need due to ill health, disability or financial hardship,

Green Hall Foundation


For Uk registered charities with under £250k income, who work to support the elderly. Preference is given to funding requests that will make a tangible difference to the charity. Grants range from £1k to £10k

The Grocers Charity


One-off grants of up to £5k available to Uk registered charities. Grants cover 8 areas: Relief of Poverty, Elderly, Disability, Health, Military, Heritage & Arts, Environment, Children & Young People

HDH Wills


They have 2 grant types available.

  1. The General Fund. For both registered and non-registered (due to size) charities. Support grant of between £250 and £500
  2. The Martin Wills Wildlife Maintenance Trust. For wildlife conservation and environmental charities. Amount is £1k to £2k
The Hedley Foundation


For charities working in youth Support, disabled Support, Elderly and Terminally Ill. you must be a small to medium sized UK charity and the grant purpose cannot be for general running costs, transport, overseas projects or for building work.

Help For Children


Funds charitable organizations in Canada, Cayman Isles, Hong Kong, UK & USA. The organization must have projects (existing or new) that address child abuse through prevention or treatment. Grant size ranges from $10k to $80k (USD)

The Henry Smith Charity


For Charities and non-profits (Including CIC's) in the UK. Organization income size between £50k and £3 million. Grant covers running costs, salaries and projects

The Hilden Charitable Fund


Funds smaller UK based organizations that are delivering projects within the Uk to support social justice and tackle disadvantage in specific areas of focus.

The Hospital Saturday Fund


Provides assistance for registered health charities, hospices and medical organizations. Grants for medical projects, care, medical research projects or support of medical training in the UK.

Hurtigruten Foundation


Provides grants for initiatives and projects in 3 main areas. These are, preserving endangered wildlife, battling plastic waste & marine litter, and supporting local communities (mainly coastal communities). The last of these is for communities in areas where Hurtigruten Group operates.



Core funding for charities that work with children in poverty, helping them progress at school. Very choosy (1 in 48 applications succeed) but has additional benefits to help the successful applicants.



Grants of £1,000 for breakfast clubs (schools only)

Kelly Family Trust


Funding for charities with initiatives that support families to work together in tackling problems faced by one family member. This can include sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Charities with under £500k income are preferred.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust


Will consider grant applications for science, welfare or education projects that benefit dogs and their owners or companions. Full details and application forms are at the link above, but applications have to be made via post.


African Women’s Development fund


Grants for small, women’s organisations

Animal Kind International


Supporting African organisations that have projects aimed at improving the lives of domesticated animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses etc)

Next grant round starts in May 2023

The Maurice and Hilda Laing Charitable Trust


Funding to advance Christian faith in the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa

The Beit Trust


Funding for established organisations – primarily Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi

Elephant Gin Foundation


Funding for African wildlife protection (preferably Elephants)

Gatsby Africa


For organisations operating in East Africa to create jobs, reduce poverty and build opportunities



Compassion in World Farming


For organisations working for farm animal welfare in Asia


American women for international understanding


Providing small grants to non-profit organisations on a global scale within the areas of education, training, health and welfare. 2023 grant round ends 29/01/2023, 2024 starts later this year

The Artemis Charitable Foundation


Grants upto £10,000 for charities in the UK and internationally, in the areas of health, Poverty, education, environment and the impact of climate change

Barakat Trust


For charities involved in Islamic culture

The Blackwood Engineering Trust


Grants for children’s charities in UK, Belgium & India



Grant funds for community based women’s groups (Africa, Asia, Middle East, India)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Covers over 130 countries, working with organisations in gender equality, water sanitation, polio and more.

EA Foundation


For Charities in the fields of Education, poverty, environment, and basic services

The Elton John Aids Foundation


Grants for charities involved with AIDS

The Eric S Margolis Family Foundation


Based in Canada, but funds worldwide for charities providing sanctuary for abused or abandoned animals.

Foundation Marchig


For charities providing or encouraging initiative in the animal welfare field, particularly preventing animal cruelty

Frontline Aids


Support for charities dealing with HIV

Gisela Graham Foundation


The foundation provides grants and other payments to assist in specific cases of poverty and poor education. It will also help efforts to further the advancement of public health and safety. The applicant organization must be either a registered charity or a corporate body

Government of Guernsey - Overseas Aid & Development Commission


Grants up to £55,000 for charities undertaking development and humanitarian work in the worlds least developed countries. This is an annual grant round - 2023 grant round closes 3rd March 2023

Help Animals International


Grants for Animal Welfare organizations. Priority is given to charities involved with the welfare and protection of domestic cats.

The Honnold Foundation


Supports large scale solar energy initiatives that reduce environmental impact and increase social and economic equity. Will consider applications worldwide.

United States & Canada

Center for Disaster Philanthropy


Funding for US based non-profits 501( c) (3) and non-US based NGO's with registered non-profit status in their country. Must have a localised and community led approach

Alberta Ecotrust


Funds for charities and non-profits advancing environmental solutions

Animal Aid Foundation (Canada)


Helps fund the spay/neuter programs of animal charities in Ontario

Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada


Funding for Canadian Animal welfare Charities

Community Foundations of Canada


Grants and support for Canadian community groups

Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation


Provides small grants to First Nation communities and organisations in Canada. This is the only body for First Nations we have found, if anyone knows of any others then please let us know.

Gencon Foundation


Supports organisations that preserve and restore the environment, counter climate change, and advocate for healthy communities

Dogs Trust USA


Small grants for dog related US 501(c )(3) organisations

DWF Foundation


Grants up to $5,000



Gilead supports projects in the areas of HIV, Liver diseases, Hematology. oncology, inflammatory and respiratory diseases.

Good 360


Not actually funding. Good 360 distributes companies unwanted stock to US non-profits, for them to pass directly to people who are ill, in need, or to infants.

Goods donated by Good 360 must be kept at a commercial address until distributed. This means small, local nonprofits run from a residential address, would need special consideration.