Charities Back CharitySaver and the Evolution of Fundraising

CharitySaver is pleased to announce that the launch of its programme has been given the seal of approval from participating charities.

“In response to the challenging times that charities face, Les Robinson of CharitySaver developed the model that we believe is the next evolution in fundraising.”

The Value of CharitySaver

“For us, it was vital that we boost charity income and help them cut costs with the lowest fundraising costs available and a range of free or discounted services, so that together the charity’s benefits exceed 100% of the donations made.”

“This is more than is available from any other service and a vast improvement on the average 70% that charities get after fundraising costs. Our service means that the UK charity sector could save as much as £4.5 billion every year.”

“In addition to this our donor club enables donors (both individual and organisations) to benefit from a growing range of discounted services that can potentially generate substantial savings for them.”

The Value to Charities

“Age UK Northumberland have signed up to be part of the CharitySaver programme.”

“I have known Paul from CharitySaver for more than a decade and believe this initiative will help many Charities across the UK in these challenging times.”

Amy Whyte, Head of Charity Services
Age UK Northumberland

“I have known Paul from CharitySaver for over 15 years so when he explained the concept of the CharityBI Programme I was quick to sign up.”

“Our charitable organisation, Take Away the Tears, helps animals get a second chance in life and every donation is an absolute lifeline.”

“What CharitySaver offers us is a no-cost, no-risk way to raise funds. This is Paul’s legacy in the making and I would encourage other charities to sign up too.” 

Janice Ross MBE, Co-founder
Take Away the Tears

“I was introduced to the CharitySaver programme by Paul Lawton, who I have known for a couple of years.”

“The free programme, the fair pricing and the potential to help Red Sky Foundation raise vital funds to support people needing coronary care across the region is why we have signed up.”

Sergio Petrucci, Co-Founder
Red Sky Foundation

“One of the past Chairmen of PIE has been an unpaid mentor to Paul from CharitySaver, for 13 years now.”

“With the programme being free, fairly charged re donations and full of potential we have signed up already.”

Chris Beevers, Chairman

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