BSA4Charity Buying Group Partners With CharitySaver

Who are BSA4Charity Buying Group?

BSA4Charity Buying Group was set up over 15 years ago to help charities keep more of their hard-earned donations.

They are professional buyers and use their buying power and procurement know-how to help charities stop cash leakage from overspend on running costs.

More recently through their supplier partners they can also:

  • Boost cashflow for charities with VAT relief advisory services.
  • Protect charities from cyber hacking and GDPR data breaches.
  • Protect the health and wealth of employees and individual donors thanks to their ‘BSA SmartCash’ support package.
  • Help charities reduce their carbon footprint thanks to their sister service,, which sells best of British, eco-friendly, products and services.

Who are CharitySaver?

CharitySaver aims to help charities of all sizes increase income, reduce costs, raise awareness, and attract corporate sponsorship.

“The pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on charities within the UK,” says Paul Lawton, COO of CharitySaver.  This has resulted in them facing massive financial loss and increased burdens.”

“Having worked with charities for 6 years, not only do I understand how critical donations are but also the costs involved in attracting then utilising them.”

“I believe that by providing services and absorbing costs, in a hugely different way, CharitySaver can raise the traditional average of 70 pence in the £1 donated, being received by the Charity, to an average of over 99 pence in the £1.  And we guarantee it.”

“By utilising this one component of the CharitySaver programme, alone, we could save the UK charity sector £4 billion pounds every year.”

Partnering with CharitySaver

“We also recognise the challenging times that charities are experiencing due to the impact of Covid,” explains Matt Roper, Founder and CEO of BSA4Charity Buying Group.

“Once we became aware of CharitySaver, and how they aligned with our values and benefits, we wanted to be involved so that our service could help the finances of as many charities and their staff as possible.”

“We are delighted to be on board as an integral part of the whole CharitySaver offer and look forward to embracing what our unique partnership can bring to the UK Charity Sector.” To discover more about BSA4Charity Buying Group, please visit their website.