Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom


Our children are cared for to become happy, healthy and well disciplined members of the community taking the needs of others into account. It is our mission that children of all denominations should be cared for according to the holistic approach, the physical religious, educational, welfare and social needs may be met

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Categories “Children and Youth”, “Disadvantage Relief”, “Education and Training”, “Family”, “Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation, Harmony, Equality and Diversity ” & “Social Welfare”
Charity Full Name Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom
Web Site URL https://www.akknyl.co.za/
Charity Number NPO 188/680
Charity Telephone Number 0147175264
Country South Africa

Private Bag X1033 Nylstroom 0510