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Desolation, hunger, thirst, poverty beyond comprehension, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides – this is what rules the lives of the children – living within the slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Live and Learn in Kenya is changing this – day for day – child for child by providing education & hope for the future.

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Categories “Arts, Culture, Heritage and Science”, “Children and Youth”, “Education and Training”, “Health and Survival”, “Poverty Relief”, “Sport and Recreation ” & “Other”
Charity Full Name Live and Learn in Kenya International
Web Site URL
Charity Number German charity number: 223 / 109 / 70321 K01 / MD tax number, IRS Hof: 223/ 108 / 30791 Kenyan NGO Board Certificate of Registration Number: OP.218 / 051 / 2007 / 0442 / 5026
Charity Telephone Number 0049 9287 77948
Country Kenya

Leben & Lernen in Kenia e.V. - Haeusellohweg 14, 95100 Selb - Germany and Live and Learn in Kenya International, P.O. Box 17208, 20100 Nakuru, Kenya

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