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Created in Sironko district of Uganda Eastern region, East Africa. Seeking your support to cater for the following category of people; the orphans, the elderly, the poor ,the lame and all needy people by providing them with food ,clothing, clean water, housing, medical aid and many other needs the disadvantaged have.
1000 hills community Helpers
We are dedicated to helping the people of Inchanga, Fredville and surrounding areas. In response to the needs of our local community’s plight, our own community care centre was constructed comprising of a health and wellness clinic, children’s infirmary, feeding scheme, education and skills development facility.
180 Turning Lives Around
We believe in your strength and courage as a survivor. 180 offers hope and support as you overcome domestic violence and sexual assault. Our caring and experienced counsellors will listen, discuss your options, and provide resources to guide you.
3 Generations
3 Generations is a non-profit organization documenting stories of human rights abuses through film. We don't just make films. We offer concrete steps our audiences can take to make tangible change.
3 Loves Child Ministries
Starvation can be ended by farming and agriculture. In other words land can end hunger. In my orphanage we take farming as a basic source of income where we can get some food during hard times and also sell some to pay daily and monthly bills.
A Cry Of An Orphan Home
A Cry of an Orphan Home provides for the children’s basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, education and health care. We cater to their emotional needs with love, empathy and security, allowing them to grow up in a nurturing environment where they can experience a full, rich life.
Our community is actually getting water from a muddy river that is full of amoeba, parasites and water-born diseases. We are determined to help support it. If we manage to realize that project thanks to your donations, health in that village will definitively increase as well their standard of living. Thank you all.
ABA Foundation’s objective is to promote the Socio - Economic Welfare of the Local Communities especially the Destitute Children, Orphans, Youth, Elderly, Widows, Immigrants, Widowers, Migrants, Refugees, Disabled, Disaster Affected People and Poor Families affected by HIV / AIDS among others. We are Non-Governmental O
The main mission of ACDK asbl DR Congo is the promotion and supervision of the poor, the youth, the protection of women and children in order to strengthen their participation in peace-building processes, the fight against global warming, socio-economic development strategies, and poverty reduction within communities.
ACFS Community Education and Feeding Scheme
We now have 13 community centres in Soweto, Alexandra, Kagiso, Thembisa and Tsakane, where food is prepared and served to pre-schoolers and school children who have been identified as being at risk. Each centre has a communal food garden, where volunteers from the community grow vegetables for the feeding scheme.
ACVV Social Services Wellington
Designated Child Protection Organisation rendering social services to children, families & older persons for 100+ years. We protect those in need.
What we do at Adanu is quite simple: We build schools in rural Ghana using education to transform children’s lives – and entire villages – forever.
AIDS Foundation of South Africa
We exist to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS and poverty through the implementation of health and community development projects in vulnerable communities. Our Vision: To be a leading contributor to the reversal of the burden of disease from HIV and TB and the reduction of poverty in South Africa.
A non-profit medical centre that provides free HIV testing, care, treatment, counselling and support alongside SRHR services for over 17,000 HIV-positive patients every year. Strategically located in Namuwongo, one of Kampala’s most densely populated and impoverished neighbourhoods, AMS’ doors are always open.
AMEX Orphanage Uganda
Help, light and go for Ugandan children. Make the way from suffering, feed and educate them. God bless them all. We support all our orphans with love.
Helping the community to grow vegetables to sell, support their families and flourish
A committed group of residents feel that there is a need for further work to be done in the community with regards to Animal Welfare. We have initiated a new society, not to compete with those already established, but to complement work already being done.
We envision an improved quality of life for vulnerable children in Uganda. We do this through quality education, proper accommodation and health care, living a Godly life and meeting the spiritual and physical needs of these vulnerable children.
AS Charity organisations
To improve the livelihood of orphans , deprived and marginalised citizens of the Gambia through sustainable socio-economic development . Collectively strive for accessible, reasonable and inclusive quality education system, provision of primary health service delivery, We strive daily to support all those in need.
ASMAN Foundation
We help to make a better place for the under-privileged. We have a mission to educate all children and help the special needs.
ASlan Youth Development
We direct and support Youth in becoming more responsible citizens. Therefore, Youths become active leaders in building a culture of peace. There is encouragement for Youth to take an active part in civic affairs.
AUKSANO Trauma Therapy Centre
Our founding was due to a need in society for specialists who could handle and assist victims of destructive subcultures. Although the initial focus was destructive occult involvement, the mission expanded over time. A serious need for assistance of substance abuse has also emerged. We assist & counsel the families.
Abagusii Permaculture Food Revolution, Climate Change & Sustainability.
Permaculture Food Revolution, Climate Change & Sustainability is a network of small scale local farmers who are producing food for their families also to the community and are ready to protect the climate change sustainable development goals in Kenya.
Abalimi Bezekhaya
Abalimi Bezekhaya promotes small scale urban farming. We are a development organization and partner with active members of the community to aid their efforts in greening, growing and bettering their communities.
Abasizi Educare Organisation
Tutorial classes from grade 1 to grade 10. Sport , Art and Drama Empowerment of Youth with the skills and career Guidance Parental Skills for the Community and empowerment also child protection Working for the Underprivileged communities. providing a Soup Kitchen for those who are not working,
Abba Child Protection, Specialist Adoption & Social Services
The word "Abba" refers to a Hebrew word meaning "Father, protector and provider", this is the kind of care we at Abba want to ensure that the abandoned children we deal with will receive as we find their forever family. Abba has taken in and positively impacted the lives of over 4771 babies since 2005.
Abdur Rohim Chisty Foundation
we harness and develop the power of young people, by effectively involving them in direct implementation of the core activities that develops their skills, enabling them to become self-reliant and sustainable people in community service and development.
Abigail Women's Movement
To restore the self-respect and dignity of the African, not limiting the definition to colour and/or race, but extending it to include all those who find their identity and resonance in the bosom of mother Africa regardless of race, religion or gender.
Abraham Kriel Bambanani
We provide care & skills for the development of traumatised children and youth in need, in the greater Johannesburg area. Providing shelter, physical care, rehabilitation & skills development for beneficiaries that have been subjected to trauma, abuse, molestation, poverty, neglect & unemployment.
Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom
Our children are cared for to become happy, healthy and well disciplined members of the community taking the needs of others into account. It is our mission that children of all denominations should be cared for according to the holistic approach, the physical religious, educational, welfare and social needs may be met
Achievers Ghana Education
We build girl leaders who will build and support their communities. We are actively engaged in various advocacy programs at the community level to end all forms of Gender Based Violence & we empower the girls with skills to use technology & digital media to lead to the protection of their rights & well-being in society
Action Change
Working in close collaboration with local partners, we co-run sustainable projects which tackle global issues on a local scale. This helps to build resilient communities, protecting our environment for future generations. Our work is in line with the United Nations SDG's
Action For Refugee Life
Initiated in 2022 specifically to build a footpath to a Sustainable and Self-Reliant Future for the refugee community. The focus is to empower individual refugees, refugee households, or refugee communities to have an economic and social ability to meet meet essential needs in a sustainable and dignified manner.
Acumen Community Buildings Ltd
We are bringing a Grade 2* listed building, into community use. It offers office & co-working space for social entrepreneurs and social and community enterprises. It is also gives energising and inspiring sustainable social action to improve the social and economic well-being of the people and the community as a whole.
Adara Foundation
Adara Empowerment Foundation focuses on empowering women and youth to actively contribute to the socio-economic development of Africa. We provide education and training for women and youth; support the development of SMEs, and enable the promotion of African arts and culture.
Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue and Rehab
Our kennels are situated on a plot on the outskirts of Vereeniging. Never in a million years did we think we would make it this far from our humble beginnings where we rented space on a farm as well as various other boarding kennels. But we did and we are grateful. Our kennels are our pride and joy.
Adult Cerebral Palsy UK
It is so apparent that help & support is needed for the families & people close to the adult Cerebral Palsy sufferers. 130,000 adults in the UK have Cerebral Palsy ! Respite carers are desperately needed to relieve their tension. A warm voice on the end of a freephone helpline. This is what our charity strives for.
Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development
To transform Africa from poverty and disease to wealth and well-being by leveraging water technology and enhanced competencies. Harness the potential of communities to help themselves, assume control of their own development and improve their standard of living through poverty reduction and prevention of diseases.
Africa Children Aid
We work with other Christian organizations and Churches to provide basic training regarding child care and community upliftment in the rural villages Wo provide a safe space for volunteers & students to work from. Volunteering in Africa must be something our volunteers and students will remember with a smile !
Africa Food for Thought
Feeding children. Bringing hope.
Africa Genesis Archery South Africa NPC
The Mission of AGA-SA is to establish the enjoyment of participating in archery as a family sport.
Africa Heart Trust
We are a non governmental Organisation that thrive to improve the lives of the disadvantaged in Zimbabwe
Africa Humanitarian Projects
Eradicating hunger and providing basic humanitarian needs to help community members who are in need.
Africa Network for Animal Welfare-USA
Together with our sister organization, ANAW, we work with communities, governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders in Africa and around the world to promote the humane treatment of all animals using a One Health approach.
African Best Care Center
ABCC is a non-profit and Community Based Organization that supports disadvantaged refugees and hosts.
African Pangolin Working Group
The APWG’s objectives are encompassed by its mission statement: “The African Pangolin Working Group will strive towards the conservation and protection of all four African pangolin species by generating knowledge, developing partnerships and creating public awareness and education initiatives.”
African Spirit
African Spirit restores dignity and honour to women through craft skills training, feeding programmes and wherever it sees a need that can be met. We have our heart and souls invested in bettering our vulnerable community members lives.
African Students For Interfaith Tolerance
We are a registered non-governmental and non-profit youth-led organization working on conflict prevention, peace building, good democratic governance, interfaith harmony and sustainable development through dialogue, advocacy and youth empowerment.
African Wildlife Vets
African Wildlife Vets is a non-profit organisation with the primary aim of assisting wildlife organisations with the conservation of threatened species by providing essential veterinary support.
African Youth Connect
Your assistance reawakes. In Africa Young People are subjected to several inhuman treatments on daily basis. African Youth Connect was founded to improve the living standard of young people through entreprenurship, talent-skill, education, health, sports, rights protection, etc to shaping the now mind for the next.
Afrika Awake
Afrika Awake is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its core focus is assisting Refugees and asylum seekers living in South Africa, also implementing social inclusion initiatives. The organization was created in the effort to combat the 2008 financial crisis and to stop the ongoing xenophobic violence in South Afrika.
Afrika BUA
Enabling committed Afri-builders to fully participate, contribute, supplement and compliment Global and Afri-government efforts, strategies and initiatives in the building of Africa.
Age UK - Northumberland
To ensure older people enjoy later life. To support, enable and inspire older people to live well and thrive in our local community.
Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation
We're growing a global partnership in humanitarian actions with a new vision: to become a professional global humanitarian organization based on the values of Global Philanthropy and Volunteerism to create a better, civilized, and noble world for humanity. Let's ACT, Indonesia!
Al Ihsan Peace and Development Organisation
We're building a development strategy that will lead to peaceful, cohesive & integrated community. In addition, AL Ihsan prioritizes youth mentorship and leadership development. The vision is to mentor our youth so they adopt a responsible lifestyle. We are in position to respond swiftly to emergencies and disasters.
Alex Foundation
The joy of all parents is to witness their children progress, we aim to elevate, empower and build parents and children to stand on their own without doubt and discouragement, in our society and within the communities.
Aligio Islamic community aid organization
Aligio Islamic community aid organization seeks to make immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of people affected by poverty.
Aliyash Charity Foundation
We are proud to support the needy with Orphan Care, Food aid, Education and support and so much more. Your donation will be so greatfully received by many. Many thanks indeed.
All Hearts Foundation
We are a Wolf Sanctuary in Hartbeespoort, South Africa. However, we have grown to help animals of all shapes and sizes, as well as our community. We do not limit our giving to wolves alone. We open our hearts to all that needs help. Wolf Sanctuary is too basic for who we are. We are All Hearts Wolf & Animal Foundation.
All4Christ exists to go alongside with ministers and church leaders to effectively fulfil the Great Commission mandate.
Alwande Ulwazi Community Advice Centre
We are a Community-Based Law and Human Rights Organization which aims to bring Justice to the People. We offer Paralegal Services, GBVF Support and a Community Food Gardening Innitiative. We assist communities at no charge.
Alzheimers SA
Our vision is a country that is aware and accepting of people with dementia, and that provides adequate services to them, their families and other carers. We are the leaders in the field of Alzheimer's and dementia in South Africa, providing support, education, training and information on matters pertaining t0 dementia
Amado Animal Assisted Therapy
Amado strive to inspire and lift young and old with special needs back into the saddle of life, with the healing power of horses.
Amazing Samaritan Hearts Foundation
Amazing Samaritan Hearts Foundation is dedicated to putting our Ugandan rural community first. Our Community Outreach program provides a much-needed service for those in dire need. Lend a helping hand and join our efforts today. LET LOVE FLOW ! Your help will will be appreciated by all.
Amba Farmers Voice
Amba Farmers Voice is an Agricultural Education program for Southern Cameroonian Farmers & Refugees, victims of the war in Cameroon produced in collaboration with SCBC TV.
AmbaCare Solutions CIC
We are commissioned by the NHS, Housing Associations, Health and Social Care organisations to deliver projects which support early intervention to promote health & wellbeing, supporting individuals and communities to take responsibility for their own health & wellbeing.
Ambassadors of Christ for peace and development
It is time to help the orphans and widows . It is our duty to care for the orphans to discover their rights in life. When we saw in someone's life God does the incredible in our lives.
American Cairo Animal Rescue Foundation
ACARF’s mission is to help stray animals in need. We provide medicine, food, shelter, and emergency vet care. We practice TNR (trap, neuter, and release) to help in Cairo’s overpopulation. We support many disabled animals while trying to rehome dogs and cats abroad.
Amy Foundation Trust
We empower township youth through after school care and youth skills development programmes in the Western Cape.
Anchor of Hope
Anchor of Hope is a registered NPO, which concentrate on the social and spiritual upliftment of the poor - irrespective of age, gender or race.
Andrea's Gift Foundation
Andrea’s Gift Foundation (AGF, South Africa) began as a result of a courageous woman who had a love and compassion for fellow lupus sufferers like herself. Andrea Hughes was a Lupus Warrior who passed away in 2017 after three years of battling with this autoimmune disease.
Angels Baby Sanctuary
With passion, a positive attitude and determination, we will work together to ensure that the babies placed in our care will be loved and well cared for. OUR VISION Angels is an organization dedicated to the welfare of abandoned, orphaned, sickly or abused babies placed in our home.
Angola Project
We work with O Abrigo de Infançia, an orphanage in Benguela, Angola, & are expanding to serve children in the United States in pursuit of equity in education. ​ We're dedicated to serving the children of Angola and fighting for their rights for a good education. Health, and a better quality of life for the children.
Animal Anti Cruelty League - Port Elizabeth
A non-profit making organisation, with no subsidies from the government. We have been protecting and caring for animals since 1956. We are the second biggest independent animal welfare organisation in South Africa, and rely entirely upon the generosity and goodwill of the animal-loving public for support.
Animal Anti Cruelty League Johannesburg
A non-profit making organisation, with no subsidies from the government. We have been protecting and caring for animals since 1956. We are the second biggest independent animal welfare organisation in South Africa, and rely entirely upon the generosity and goodwill of the animal-loving public for support.
Animal Anti cruelty League - Durban
The Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL), has been protecting and caring for animals since 1956. We rely entirely on the generosity and goodwill of the animal-loving public for financial support.
Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town
A non-profit making organisation, with no subsidies from the government. We have been protecting and caring for animals since 1956. We are the second biggest independent animal welfare organisation in South Africa, and rely entirely upon the generosity and goodwill of the animal-loving public for support.
Animal Anti-Cruety League Ladysmith
A non-profit making organisation, we do not receive a subsidy from the government. The Animal Anti-Cruelty League has been protecting and caring for animals since 1956. It is the second biggest independent animal welfare organisation in South Africa, we rely upon the generosity and goodwill of the animal loving public.
Animal Friends of Turkey
Animal Friends of Turkey was set up in May 2018 with the aim of rehoming abused and abandoned dogs rescued from the streets of Turkey. These are all dogs that without our intervention would have little or no future in Turkey. Unlike many we are prepared to take on the hardest cases in the hope of transforming lives.
Animal Rehoming Tablelands
We rescue companion pets such as cats, kittens, dogs & pups in and around the Tablelands and Cairns. ARCAT may offer to protect these pets in foster homes until the right forever homes are found or, we may encourage owners to foster. Our aim is to stop the cycle of unwanted pets through desexing & by raising awareness.
Animal Rescue Aid
We’re honoured to support the life-saving efforts of 5,000+ Shelters and Rescue Groups on the front line of animal rescue each day! Through TheBlueBed Donation Program™, it’s our mission to make it possible for every rescued pup, in every shelter across the United States, to enjoy a comfortable pet bed.
Animal Rescue Organisation
We were established in 1986 to combat the neglect and abuse of animals in the Old Crossroads area. Riots kept many people out of the indigent and informal settlements, VAR opted to go into these areas At that time, when riots kept many people out of the indigent and informal settlements, to go into these areas in need
Animal Welfare League
Richmond Animal Welfare Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides resources to Richmond Animal Care & Control (RACC) to help increase adoptions and improve the quality of life of pets in its care.
Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch
Aims & Objectives • Serve our community and their pets • Prevent cruelty and the ill treatment of animals • Encourage kindness and consideration towards animals • Teach the community the humane treatment of animals and compassion for them • Improve the health of animals and in turn their respective communities
Animal Welfare Society of South Africa
Many animals need our help because they have been so badly treated or abandoned. Some animals are surrendered to us by owners who can no longer take care of them. Others are seized, confiscated or impounded from unimaginably horrendous circumstances.
Ann Harding Cheshire Home
Ann Harding Cheshire Home is a registered Non-Profit Organisation for the care, education, training and development of persons with physical disabilities of all races and religions. We provide full time residential care to 40 adults, all of whom have a physical disability.
Anneozeng Ogozi Aid Foundations
Everyone enjoys the right to a good life, free from poverty & all forms of oppression. Securing children’s rights of access to quality education and providing protection from Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Abuse, neglect, & exploitation, is fundamental to the wellbeing of every child.
Anwarul Faidah Orphanage
There are 40 orphans in this house comprising of 20 boys and 20 girls. The rooms upstairs are for the girls while those downstairs are only for the boys enjoying their abode inside Anwarul Faidah. The orphanage is in serious need of individuals and continuous support for their education.
Anxious Minds
Our passionate mission and commitment at Anxious Minds is to improve the mental well-being of the people we serve here in the North East. We work towards a strong set of core values and principles that are upheld in everything we offer.
Apatsa Institute and Development Agency (AIDA)
Our mission To help community people by providing psychosocial support, education, Health, nutrition to the needy children, the aged, People Living with HIV, youths, women and men towards a better quality of life for all.
Apex Charitable Trust
Apex is a local charity working with local people aged 18+. Our service is specifically for people whose actions or behaviours have led to negative consequences for themselves and others, enabling them to make positive choices and turn their lives around
Arise and shine children's home
We started with only 10 kids, though we have been adopting children over the years, we have grown to over 150 kids ages 3-15. The Orphanage has been running strictly on volunteer work and from local support. Our children's Home wants to help all the children living in poverty and with illness.
Armagh Pipers Club
Armagh Pipers Club is a charity founded in 1966 and based in Armagh City. It provides an education programme in Irish traditional music - currently offering uilleann pipes, fiddle, tin whistle, banjo, concertina, flute, singing, harp and accordion.
Art Moves Africa (AMA)
International non-profit association which aims to facilitate cultural and artistic exchanges in Africa. AMA provides travel grants to artists, arts professionals and cultural operators who live and work in Africa, to travel within the African continent in order to engage in information exchange and skills development.
Arts Uplift Community Interest Company
Arts Uplift is a community interest company based in Warwickshire. We deliver arts and health and heritage projects with people aged 5-95 using all the art forms! We use uplifting arts to improve communities physical and mental well being. We specialise in dementia.
As Charity Organisation
To improve the livelihood of orphans , deprived and marginalised citizens of the Gambia through sustainable socio-economic development .Collectively strive for accessible, reasonable and inclusive quality education system, provision of primary health service delivery, improved agricultural & environmental change.
As Salam Moslem charity foundation
We serve the needy orphans Islam in Uganda Africa
Association des jeunes pour la paix
With OYILI, we are resolutely committed to contributing to the animation of an environment in which each Cameroonian Civil Society Organization can exist and deploy effectively thanks to Information and Communication Technologies in general (Which we have the control) & the benefits resulting from the efficient use of,
Asthma and Allergy Foundation
We understand how difficult it is to cope with asthma. We exist solely to offer advice, help & support to people fighting for breath as a result of asthma. When people are well informed about their asthma or when a parent of a child is equipped with all the necessary information their condition tends to be managed well
Attitude Foundation Africa
Working and seeking to improve the lives of the poor, underprivileged & disabled in our community and in Uganda at large. We also have an orphanage where we take care of the children who lost their beloved parent, guardians and there are 96 children in our care.
Aurora Metro Arts and Media Ltd
We are a not-for-profit arts and education organisation dependent on grants and donations to carry out our projects. We champion diversity and equality through arts, education and media projects for the local community and beyond. We train volunteer, helping them with skills, confidence or a return to employment.
Autism Haven
Our mandate is to create a safe haven for autistic people by providing support and assistance in a live-in environment.
Avatar Sterilisation and Protection
AVATAR vets tries to operate and stay at community hotspots until all dogs available for sterilisation in that area have been done and shorter “maintenance” visits are made to that location every few months after that. Permission is obtained from national authorities as well as local headmen and elders,
Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa
Our mission is saving lives through Awareness and Education & breaking the cycles of Gender-Based Violence and Human Trafficking. We provide basic assistance to victims in order to receive further referrals to cope, heal and overcome these atrocities.
Awel wants to offer every child and every young person a listening ear. They can contact Awel about anything that concerns them. Awel is there by listening, feeling and thinking along.
A youth led social enterprise focused on elevating the standards of underprivileged girls & women. We focus primarily on women's sexual & reproductive health rights, promoting their access to information and communication technologies and entrepreneurship. Women and men have need to have equal access to opportunities.
We are a community based organization & non profit, non political charity established exclusively for carrying out charitable work in the community to boost and improve the livelihood of members and community at large we're registered under ministry of Labour, Social security and services in kakamega county of Kenya.
We all know that it is our responsibilities to green and Educate our upcoming generation, the impact and important of trees in our lives. And caring environment !! Most of the time BIDII YETU based with children in planting trees. But for us to accomplish this journey of turning the bare land to forest, we need support
We are proud to support Orphans in our community.
Baby Therapy Centre
For more than 27 years our mission has been to promote child health by minimizing developmental delays & remediating existing or emerging special needs. We care for the whole family by assisting with adaptive parenting & family functioning to accommodate special needs children’s different emotional and physical needs.
Bakhtar Community Organisation
The first Afghan Australian secular organisation based in Victoria with a small team of staff supported by over fifty dedicated volunteers. We provide support, material aid & socially inclusive activities to a diverse range of community members many of whom are disadvantaged, isolated or marginalised.
Balochistan Rural Development Program
We strive to transform and simplify care for people with life-threatening diseases around the Balochistan. Our Mission is to create an empowered, methodological and discrimination free Society, based on the values of Justice, Fairness, Peace and Tolerance
Banbury Foodbank
Our foodbank is a project founded by local churches and community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area.
Bangladesh Child Support
We provide children in Bangladesh with trusted and reliable access to protection, health and human services, as is their right.
Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS)
BEDS is a community based non-profit, non-government and development organization committed to maintaining ecological balance and create harmony between humans and nature. BEDS was registered as an NGO from the NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh.
Barr Christian Vocational Center
It is truly our blessing to train children with disabilities, orphans, and other vulnerable children in the Internally displaced peoples camps based in Barr sub county. Our purpose is to support the children so they may grow to become financially self-reliant.
Barrydale Hospice
Our basic palliative nursing care is available free to all community members in their homes. We serve Barrydale and the surrounding farms in the Overberg and Klein Karoo. Our Community Health Programme uses an integrated approach to provide our rural community with increased access to health & increased health literacy
Basajju Community Foundation
We believe in a world where every child can read. Our mission is to invest in early childhood education in order to empower the next generation. We do that, by creating educational programs and providing necessary resources in underprivileged areas. We believe in smart fund allocation therefore we employ minimal staff.
Basildon Community resource Centre
The Centre team work to assist individuals and families from all walks of life and backgrounds, who, at times, find themselves at their wits end and vulnerable, often in crisis. Many are absolutely destitute as well as being poorly, disenfranchised, homeless and/or unemployed. We don't judge. We listen & advise.
Batusi Centre
Bathusi Centre is a Non Profit Organisation that deals with young people empowerment , arts and crafts , self health strengthening , education on healthy lifestyle and all of these mentioned activities are done through capacity building ,life coaching and youth Development.
Beacon of Light Institute For Veterans
We help our women and men military veterans. We will be veteran-centred, meaning the levels of care provided are based on the veteran's own needs, priorities, & life circumstances. Provide high-quality levels of care. To enhance their quality of life. Most importantly, to re-integrate back to back into civilian life.
Beams of Hope Uganda
To enhance the dignity & quality of life of individuals & families by strengthening communities.
Bee-lieve Foundation
Our mission is to help as many young people and their families to deal positively with the challenges and trauma caused by mental health issues.
Through compassion, kindness, humility & gentleness, Bee-lovedhood encourages women all ages and phases in life to cultivate themselves through workshops, mentoring (Be a beloved's keeper), events, volunteering and referrals.
Belvoir Cricket and Countryside Trust
We provide supported education for young people with Special Needs through sport & countryside activities. Developing healthy lifestyles, providing qualified coaching, volunteer training and hands-on coaching & administration experience.
Bemra Elite Academy
Bemra Elite Academy is a not for profit organization founded in 2016. Its an organization that offers education and other support to school children at pre-primary and primary level in the slums of Langas, Eldoret,Uasin, Gishu county
Bergzicht Training and Development
Bergzicht Training is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, South Africa with the mission to empower and inspire disadvantaged persons with little formal education by equipping them with the necessary skills that they need to extricate themselves from impoverished circumstances.
Bernie’s Hedgehog Rescue
I am a carer for wild hedgehogs based in Durham UK. Hedgehogs of all conditions, shapes & sizes come to me for care, and when healthy are released back into their natural habitat. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you so much.
Bethany Trust
Our aim for the future # Holistic child development centre through Day care. # Caring the poor needy orphans and destitute (Bethany Children's Home) # Educational programs # Welfare for the destitute, widows & women. # Relief Ministries # Health camp
Bethesda Joyland Centre Academy
We are a school that serves about 300 needy and vulnerable children in Mfangano Island Kenya. We provide quality education. Our children have fluency in English and Kiswahili. We believe in possibilities
Bethlehem Community Church
A vibrant and fresh Pentecostal and charismatic church focused on bringing a word of HOPE, FAITH and LOVE of God to the Nations.
Better Tomorrow International
Better Tomorrow International Is focused on Introducing a new dimension of life to the hopeless, helpless, needy and Impoverished masses In Uganda And The Rest Of Africa.
We are a partnership of interdependent schools promoting lifelong learning and wellness which will improve the quality of life of all people in our community. We serve 20 Early Childhood Development Centres through the ECD Forum and all nine schools in the Franschhoek Valley.
Big Heart Child Development Centre
To empower communities and advocate for a holistic poverty alleviation strategy for children.
Bimara Farmers Group
We as Bimara Farmers, work tooth and nail in income generating activities like farming and rearing animals and birds We also promote organic farming by having a gronomic savings and credit to feed and educate our community,
Bless Orphanage Ministry
Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless and motherless children; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.” “He defends the cause of the fatherless and motherless children and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing.” “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”
Blessed Echoes children Alliance
A national Non- Governmental Community Development Organization registered in Uganda in 2016 working to reach out to vulnerable children, families and communities with various needs as a result of HIV/AIDS epidemic in all our areas of operation.
Bloemfontein SPCA for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Our Mission: -Prevention of cruelty and uplifting the welfare of all animals -THE FIVE FREEDOMS Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition -Freedom from discomfort -Freedom from pain, injury or disease -Freedom to express normal behaviour -Freedom from fear and distress
Blood Bikes Wales
Blood Bikes Wales is a charity that transports blood, plasma, platelets, samples, vaccines, donor breast-milk & any other urgently required medical items to hospitals at night, weekends and bank holidays. This service is provided completely free of charge, allowing the NHS to divert funds where they are needed most.
Blue Highlands Bird Rescue
24/7 crisis care for wild birds that are injured or sick, and orphaned chicks in the Scottish Highlands. We are always aiming for wild release. Conservation & education programmes run alongside our rescue work, aiding species restoration and improved awareness of the benefits of avian care.
Bluebush Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Incorporated
Our Mission: To protect and rehabilitate sick, injured, orphaned & displaced native wildlife in collaboration with other like-minded organisations, & official bodies. Our Vision : That our local community, native wildlife, & the environment can survive and thrive without being detrimental to the existence of each other
Boccia England
Boccia England improves the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of disabled children and adults through the uniquely inclusive sport of boccia. Our vision is “Playing Boccia, Changing Lives” – for many severely disabled people, boccia is the only sport they can play.
Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation
Boikanyo DHF works in indigent communities in Soweto South Africa, uplifting children. We started with a massive vegetable garden built on the rubbish dump of a school, and have branched out into maths programs for squatter camp children.
Boitumelong LGBTI Organisation
We stand for the voice for all LGBTIQ+ members, the aim is to ensure equality, safety, pride and comfortability for all LGBTIQ+ members in all departments and the community as a whole.
Bokamoso Education Trust
The Bokamoso Education Trust enables people, who may not have the individual resources necessary, to support the schooling of a disadvantaged child.
Boksburg SPCA
Our Mission Prevention of cruelty and uplifting the welfare of all animals THE FIVE FREEDOMS- -Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition -Freedom from discomfort -Freedom from pain, injury or disease -Freedom to express normal behaviour -Freedom from fear and distress
Bonobo Conservation Initiative
The Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) is the only international organization solely dedicated to protecting wild bonobos and their rainforest habitat.
Born Again Ministry Church of God
On behalf of Born Again Ministry church of God we wish to invite you to join us in fundraising for our church. We need donations to lease land to build God sanctuary because our church is within the school and we are given notice to leave May almighty God continue blessed you.
Born Like This Kenya
Born Like This is a community-based organization located in Nairobi, Kenya, and is committed to providing a safe and loving environment to people with disabilities.
Botshabelo is an organisation that transforms women and children's lives through education and residential care. We have a preschool and a Babies Home.
Brave Heroes Movement Makhaza
We are an awareness movement for young gay men's rights in South Africa including male sex workers, young gay men with physical challenges and men who have sex with men MSM either for pleasure or means of generating income and we educate communities and parents about being gay and challenges we are facing .
Brave To Love
We are focused on providing aid to those who are victim of the human trafficking & sex industry. We aim to provide a safe way of escape & help establish a way of recovery. Our rescue operations are held in partnership with various law enforcement agencies & through the spirit of collaboration we have seen great success
Bravo Uniform
We are a Veterans mental health support service staffed by fully qualified therapists. This enables us to offer effective, individualised, psychotherapeutic interventions. We work at efficiently resolving any mental wellbeing concerns you are experiencing.
Bread From Heaven Out Reach International.
Our mission will be achieved by opening up orphanage centres that will provide a safe place for the children, shelter, well balance meals three times a day, basic needs, health services, parental love, recreation & in education we have opened up a school where all these children are provided with free education .
Brent Patient Voice
Better results are achieved in health & social care if individuals are treated as partners in the planning & delivery of their own care. We believe that, in this era of rapid change and pressure on resources, the perspective of patients & the public needs to be fully integrated into care planning at community level.
Bright Child Foundation
Bring Hope Again Foundation International
We aim to bring hope to the already hopeless orphaned children in Uganda by providing them with Food, counselling, education , and all that we can to try give them hope in the community. Your help in donating to buy food & also some chlorine medicine for clean water. Indeed, any support given is a blessing. Thank You
Brooklyn Community Services
BCS reaches over 20,000 Brooklynites every year. Our mission is to empower children, youth, adults and families to overcome the obstacles they face.
Browsio is where good people go to buy and sell for the benefit of charities and good causes.
Broxtowe Women's Project Limited
Broxtowe Women’s Project aim to ensure those affected by domestic abuse are empowered to be safe and in control of their lives.
Bugembe initiative for youth Empowerment
We are a foundation designed by Ugandan youth to serve the needs of Ugandan youth. Our aim is to make a positive living attractive. Our mission is to unite the youths to effectively participate and serve in socio-economic and cultural activities, thus to improve on youths' standards of living.
Building Bigger Tables
We not only feed the community but we have various campaigns and projects. We feed, do gardening in schools not to only teach the kids how to grow their own veggies and fruit but to learn the skill. We do trauma counselling and work with the police, social workers and community members who are in need of counselling.
Bukhulo Muslim orphanage relief aid
We serve humanity with the peace and mercy of Allah.
Bukomansimbi Community Development Initiative
To train orphans with life going skills in farming and art craft. To establish a hunger-free community. To provide health and medical facilities to the orphans and other vulnerable populations. To connect the community with the world beyond. To empower youth through sustainable agriculture.
Bulafu Ibraheem Foundation
The Little You Donate Saves Someone's Life.
Bunalwere Muslim Charity Organization
Supporting orphans and widows and the poor people for the sake of Allah.
Bunamwera Islamic Centre
Bunamwera Islamic centre is a Non-profit organization entitled to aid vulnerable people in our community .
Buntfu Eswatini We Care
Non government organization fundraising and supporting all charity needs targeting adolescents, youth, women and people with disabilities. We provide education support, food hampers, dignity packs for children. We do business trainings for youth and empowerment. We also have a support care program for with disabilities
Busamira Islamic Centre
Serving humanity for the sake of Allah helping the poor, needy and orphans
Bushbuckridge Youth Development Organisation
A youth initiative that resources youth to discover and unleash untapped potential trapped within them.TO RESOURCE AND PREPARE THE YOUTH FOR THE FUTURE. SKILLS & TRAINING PROGRAMMES:INFORMATION DISSEMINATION PROGRAMMES:OUTREACH PROGRAMMES A multi award winning NPO !
Busoga Youth Ministry
Pastor kapio zion from Uganda eastern region Christ connection international ministries I send greetings to all people. I started this ministry as youth camps and conferences
Butandiga Ummah Muslim Aid.(buma)
Serving humanity is our first priority.
Butiiki Children's Ministry
Hello everyone. We greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Butiiki Children's Ministry is a pro life giving Ministry. Its aim and mandate is to uphold the scarcity of orphaned, vulnerable and abandoned children.
Buyala Community Nursery And Primary School
"A school with a difference" MISSION To provide quality education, sponsorship and career guidance to the children so that we can make their dreams a reality. VISION To bring new hope into the lives of orphans and other vulnerable groups. Our Principle activity is the education of the vulnerable children
Buyisa Ithemba Community Transformation
Buyisa Ithemba Community Transformation is run by Four Black business women in South Africa. Community transformation is our inspiration and we believe that through our humanitarian work peoples lives are being transformed.
Bwikhonge Islamic charity Organization
Bwikhonge islamic charity organization is a non profit organization helping the helpless muslims We're a muslim foundation Located in bumulaha village, walanga parish, bukhulo Sub county in sironko district In uganda With the aim of helping others for the sake of Alla
Byamukama Christian Foundation To Save Orphans
We do not know when our children will become orphans, being fatherless or motherless is the most painful life experience on the face of this Earth & it has stopped most children from achieving their goals. Therefore let us have mercy upon the orphans & help them in anyway with education, food, health & accommodation.
C-Sema is a not-for-profit organisation established to promote and protect children’s rights in Tanzania. Our core strategic programme is the National Child Helpline. With the Internet Watch Foundation hotline we remove child abuse images through an online portal.
Empowering widows, orphans and vulnerable women and less privileged by training them in different fields of skills. Implementing a process of saving money and business development. Providing a conducive learning environment for widows, orphans and vulnerable women and less privileged.
CEEOINDIA is a platform crafted and designed for people of India to empower them socially and economically with support state and central Government.
CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa
CHOC provides support in hospital wards, hence the name Children’s Haematology Oncology Clinics, or CHOC. Parent groups were set up in other key centres, where the major state-funded academic hospitals are located and paediatric oncologists practice. In 2000, the regional entities merged into a national organisation.
An educational institution that provides free education to poor and destitute children in exchange for work. This provides the parents with; First, pride and dignity as human beings; Second, an opportunity to wean them from a dole-out mentality; and Third, the prospect of instilling them with a sense of community.
CR HOPE Foundation
Launched in 2017 with the sole objective of providing quality education to children and youth in Zanzibar, Tanzania, thus fighting against poverty in the region. Our vision is to inspire children to strengthen their local communities through quality education and lifelong learning.
Call Her Blessed SA
Call her Blessed is a non-profit organisation which provides a safe haven for abused women and their children as well as the destitute pregnant woman who wants to keep their baby after giving birth. Our haven supports both the abused woman and children as well as the new mother for a period of at least four months.
Cameroon Echoes Association
We are proud to be a legalized non governmental organization for the promotion of peace, love, development and the care of the less privileged especially women and children.
Care Career Connection
Choose – Challenge – Change! -These young people never thought a career possible. With a vision of hope, financial independence and career satisfaction no matter the obstacles, our mission is to offer an unique one-stop career solution for young adults with intellectual challenges,
Care For Christ Children Foundation
We are a Non-Denominational, Evangelical, and Non-Political organization that provide spiritual and physical aid to people and children. We identify areas of needs in the local community and develop response mechanism to them through program or action that aim to serve humanity and promote justice.
Care For Healthy Life Initiative
CAHLIN was established to promote healthy lifestyle for the people, focusing on HIV/AIDS awareness/sensitization, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS, prevention of new HIV infections and advocacy to end HIV/AIDS discrimination/stigmatization.
Care after Combat
Care after Combat's small team of full-time and part-time staff, working together with volunteers across an extensive area of operations, provides support within the Criminal Justice System for the well-being of former and serving British Armed Forces and their families.
Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary
We are the largest orphan rhino sanctuary in the world. We rescue, rehabilitate, rewild, release and protect rhinos but we also do so much more. South Africa was fast becoming the centre of the rhino poaching crisis. Rhinos were being brutally murdered daily to meet the demand for bogus medicines made from rhino horn.
Caring Hands in the Vale
Those referred to us can receive food parcels, toiletry packs, bedding, clothing and blankets free of charge depending on their circumstances. We have resources available for individuals who are street homeless or sofa surfing, such as sleeping bags and backpacks.
Caring Love Foundation Uganda-CLFUG
We are committed to doing everything that we can to continue to provide help for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. But without the support from kind hearted friends like you, we will fall short of those needs. Only with the support of those called to help the children can we hope to find success in our mission
Caritas Anchor House
Each year, we work with hundreds of people who are experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping in the London Borough of Newham, which has the highest levels of homelessness in the country. We are helping to end homelessness, one person at a time, by providing a safe place to call home and the support needed to achieve
Carriers of Hope Coventry
We are a charity dedicated to helping asylum seekers, refugees and Eastern European migrants in the Coventry area.
Cart Horse Protection Association
A non-profit Cape Town based animal welfare organisation. Protecting working cart horses and donkeys on the Cape Flats from abuse; initiate an outreach programme for working horses and donkeys in the Western Cape; establish a formal Youth Programme on the Cape Flats.
Cat Family Foundation
Cat Family Foundation (CatFam) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation that aims to assist our CatFams in the Greater Johannesburg area. We assist the colonies under our current umbrella with trapping, sterilisations, homing and vet assistance.
Catch Them Young Foundation
Our mission is to teach young people Etiquette, civic responsibility and work ethics, we search the light in young generations.
Central Arkansas Wildlife Rescue & Rehab
I am a licensed rehabilitator and certified veterinary technician in the state of Arkansas. If you find something sick, injured, orphaned, or abandoned, you can contact us for rehab info! Otherwise, follow our page for updates on current projects!
Centre Of Love Kids Ministry Uganda
We’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to achieve our cause. Since 2014, we’ve been supporting our community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts.
Centre for Communities Education and Youth Development
As a global network of operational agencies, academic institutions, policymakers, donors and practitioners, the Alliance facilitates inter-agency technical collaboration on child protection in all humanitarian contexts. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) currently co-leads the Alliance with Plan International.
Centre for Creative Development Strategies
We help individuals and organizations become more productive by promoting enterprise, innovation, creativity and mentoring cultures through training and capacity building activities. Our Vision is a World where people experience real prosperity through qualitative human development.
Centric Community Projects
Centric Community Projects works with large and small charities & non-profit organisations across the UK to help them operate and develop by offering FREE space for their projects. We are also able to help new businesses created by the disadvantaged, to reduce their overheads and help them to become self sufficient.
Champion of Hope
Persons Living with Disabilities & the Deaf in the Pixley ka Seme Region, the heartbeat of the Northern Cape. We believe in the abilities of People Living with Disabilities and the Deaf. We, by contrast, choose to focus on that which is positive and therefore do we develop our choice to focus on that which is positive.
Chamyet Community
Our mission is to educate, inspire, feed and champion for a healthy wellbeing for every child. Our mission is a world in which children experience their full potential in life. We provide for an education to every child, while ensuring a healthy wellbeing.
Charity Buddy
Charity Buddy was created to help busy animal welfare organisations improve the ‘business’ aspects of their establishment, and our service is FREE!
Charity Children and community outreach- Buliiso
Hello 👋 my brothers and sisters I am Lukumgu Moses from Uganda Africa the director and founder of Charity Children And Community Outreach. We are here fundraising money for food, clothes & shoes for our Orphaned children but anything you can donate we appreciate.
Charity Excellence Framework
This requires no IT, management skills or charity experience to use and works for any charity, Large or small. Each questionnaire takes only 30 mins and, from your interactive dashboard, it’s 2 clicks to all the tools and resources. It's completely free! Charities need to be skilled digitally to increase donations !
Cheetah Outreach Trust
Promoting the survival of the free ranging, Southern African cheetah through environmental education and partnering conservation initiatives.
Cheshire Home Summerstrand
We provide residential care for 57 profoundly disabled persons who may not have the financial means or the self-ability for self-care. High standards of professional care and support for people with disabilities through a committed staff.
Chesterfield Hedgehog Rescue & Rehabilitation
We are dedicated to caring for sick and injured hedgehogs, to give them the best chance of returning to the wild. To care for extremely sick hedgehogs, or any babies born whilst in rescue, we are in desperate need of an Intensive Care Unit. We recently had to take a litter, as an emergency, to Derby. Many thanks.
Chididi Health for All Foundation
Empowering communities for health. Public health professionals with over 10 years of work experience in a busy government hospital & with International NGO'S as direct healthcare provider, supervisor, coordinator and manager; focusing on general patient/client care, HIV prevention research, and palliative care.
Chifundo Epilepsy Awareness Foundation
We're a small NGO working on stopping stigma and discrimination associated with epilepsy. We partner with the ministry of health to fight against seizures through our Epilepsy centre in Chikwawa district. Your support will be most welcome. Thank you.
Chigago Sports and Recreation Club
Most young people in the area tend to do drugs because of doing nothing our organisation keeps them busy through participating in football and netball matches and tournaments around rural areas. We, through the sport codes teach then about social issues faced by the youth of that age such as drugs abuse.
Child Brain Injury Trust
Today the Child Brain Injury Trust is the leading voluntary sector organisation providing emotional and practical support, information and learning opportunities for families and professionals affected by childhood acquired brain injury across the UK.
Child Care Ministries Myanzi
Child Care Ministries Myanzi is a child-focused Christian aid & devolvement orphanage. We work with vulnerable and neglected children supporting them, educating them and loving them.
Child Care Orphanage Uganda
Child care orphanage Uganda wants to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single donation can make a difference in the community, and that can greatly impact the life of the children at child care orphanage.
Child Care and Youth Empowerment Foundation
We prevent and protect children from sexual abuse and improve livelihoods for teenage mothers and their babies. We provide young people with knowledge and skills necessary for healthy development and self-reliance. We strengthen service delivery and develop institutional structures to support integrated programs.
Child and Youth Transformation Uganda
Child and Youth Transformation Uganda supports the vulnerable children, orphans, poor communities, mistreated children, war affected children, street children and those whose parents are in prison.
ChildAid to Eastern Europe
Our mission is to transform the circumstances of today’s vulnerable, abandoned & disabled children in Eastern Europe into ones of opportunity & hope. Our vision is that, in the longer term, local & national authorities will be persuaded to adopt this approach themselves thereby rendering our further support unnecessary
Childline Foundation
We uphold the rights of children (below the age of 18) to survival, protection, development & participation in Malaysia as provided under the Convention On the Rights Of The Child 1989 local laws and policies. We work closely with UNICEF Malaysia, NGOs & key Government Ministries to enable the best interest of children
Childline Kenya
Partnering with the Government to STOP child abuse & provide a safe environment for all children. We offer the only nationwide helpline service dedicated to children that runs 24 hours toll free, & is accessible by simply dialling 116. This provides counselling, rescue, safe shelter, medical care & and legal support.
Childline Thailand Foundation
Childline Thailand provides its services for any child under the age of 18. The foundation works with various government and NGO stakeholders to safeguard the rights of every child as outlined by the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of a Child (CRC). We also support children in street situations in Bangkok.
Children Care Uganda
Our vision is that children and youth are prioritized, valued and loved, regardless of their background, health or social status. Children Care Uganda has the mission to provide vulnerable children with the hope for a brighter future, encouragement, and support in any medical or educational issue in their daily lives.
Children Empowerment Uganda
We care for development & ensure the safety of the next generation and therefore seek to empower children & needy to reach their full potential to live happily, respectably and productively. Quality education, vocational skills development, financial literacy & entrepreneurship .
Children Hold Our Future Uganda
To have Orphans, Needy children, Widows, Single mothers and Vulnerable Youths become better transformed through Evangelism. We perform community outreaches so that they can be supportive to their communities and we continue preaching the gospel to next generation in return.
Children Missions Charity Organisation
The organization was set up to give Hope to the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, to find their tuition to pay their education, to give them relevance in life. Feed them, not just with any food but a balanced diet that gives them resistance to diseases.
Childrens Smile Uganda
We are a small non profit with the sole purpose of taking care and helping abandoned and orphan children through giving them support school and accommodation .
Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players' Fund
The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players' Fund is a non-profit organisation that assisting seriously injured rugby players in South Africa!
Christ Cares Organisation
Our support ranges from the provision of free quality education at the organisation’s school, Ddembe Primary School, also found in Buwenge, feeding them, and sheltering them. given the drastic increase in the number of orphans being enrolled into our orphanage, the source of material and funds to little.
Christ Children's Foundation
Christ Children's Foundation serves Orphans. We have a home for them. There are 30 of the children with us and it's our duty to give them comfort, love and guidance. Please be on this mission with us.
Christ Comfort Ministries
We have orphans, elderly, prisoners and we also have a hospital ministry. In our hospital ministry we visit them every Saturday. We encourage the sick and take them basic needs like sugar, food, milk, bedsheets, some clothes and money to those with no money to buy treatment.
Christ Connection Ministries International
Christ Connection Ministries was founded in 1976 for the purposes of Global Evangelism. We are zealous to take the message of Christ to the whole world !
Christ Harvest Church Of God
Your help will be most appreciated in helping us build our church to help support the poor and needy.
Christian Mission of Charitable Trust (CMCT)
We are a not-for-profit organization that empowers the vulnerable to lead lives of dignity and independence. Founded in 1964 by Dr. Colleen Redit with the vision of helping vulnerable young women.
Christian Presbyterian Church
Christian Presbyterian Church Malawi. This is our church of which we have about 250 members. We support the truly disadvantaged, the elderly and the orphans within our community. It is God's will.
Citizens Advice Fareham
We can all face problems that seem complicated or intimidating. Citizens Advice Fareham, believe no one should have to face these problems without good quality, independent advice. We give people the knowledge & confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, & whatever their problem.
Citizens Advice Waverley
We help people resolve their problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice. We operate from four offices across the area.
City Limits News Inc.
We use investigative journalism through the prism of New York City to identify urban problems, examine their causes, explore solutions, and equip communities to take action. Founded in 1976 in the midst of New York’s fiscal crisis, City Limits exists to inform democracy and empower citizens to create a more just city.
CityHope Disaster Relief
We deliver disaster aid to communities and nations affected by disaster situations irrespective of race, religion, culture, ethnicity or political with businesses, organizations, church groups and individuals who are able to facilitate the collection, storage and disbursement of relief aid and dis
Cluny Animal Trust
The Cluny Animal Trust provides veterinary care to animals of the poor and previously disadvantaged across the entire eastern Free State. Our work mainly consists of sterilisations, vaccinations, deworming, treating for ticks and fleas. Our team provide a variety of other procedures and treatments as and when needed.
Commonwealth Education Trust
We invest in teachers. The most impactful resource in classrooms across the world. The purpose of the Commonwealth Education Trust is to advance primary and secondary education in the Commonwealth.
Communicare in Southampton
Communicare in Southampton is a friendly, local charity that enriches the quality of life of lonely and isolated people in Southampton. Our committed volunteers act as good neighbours; they offer practical and emotional support in a variety of ways at no cost to the service users.
Communities Action Voluntary Association
Focusing on helping disabled children and other vulnerable children from poverty stricken families to go to school and to raise their voices for the right to education. CAVA is working for communities where all children, mainly girls can learn and lead without fear. We welcome all volunteers.
Community Health Empowerment and Evangelism Uganda
We Prevent malnutrition in children under five pregnant and lactating mother's through sensitizing, Empowering women with Vegetable seeds and garden equipments, providing Supplementary feeds, transport and Facilitate severely malnourished children at the Nutrition Units and do monitoring and follow up to these children
Community Hustle
We hustle for the community! We host fundraisers, drives and hauls to be able to provide for anyone in our community in need. Any donation made will be paid forward to help someone in need.
Community Keepers
Community Keepers is a team of psychologists, social workers, counsellors and care guides working in 29 partner schools in marginalised areas. We offer a safe space for learners to receive therapeutic counselling and we help schools to build a culture of mental and emotional well-being where everyone can thrive.
Community Led Health promotion Initiative-Uganda
We want to assist in developing far-reaching access to medical care in Uganda and thereby increase both chances for and life expectancy of Ugandans. To do this we also support pre-existing, promising projects.
Compassion International Orphans and adopted children family
Our mission: Providing a loving, safe shelter for at-risk children, and a quality bilingual Christian education to prepare children for a secure future, and facilitate the terms, for a life changing ministry.
Comrades of Children Overseas
An international children’s charity based in Newcastle upon Tyne. COCO works with communities in remote regions overseas to alleviate the poverty preventing children’s education. COCO stands for Comrades of Children Overseas, a name taken from the Comrades Marathon our Co-Founders Steve Cram MBE and Jim Panton ran in.
Congo Charity Association
The Congo Charity Association is an NGO working in the D.R Congo. It's involved in community- based livestock microfinance program that works with widows, orphans and vulnerable people to provide loans in the form of animals to rural villagers.
Cotswold Edge District Scout Council
The Cotswold Edge District covers the towns & villages of South Gloucestershire including Thornbury. The District comprises of 19 Scout Groups and 8 Explorer Scout Units. Scouting provides adventurous activities and personal development opportunities for young people aged 6-25. Helping them achieve their full potential
County Durham Community Foundation
As a grant-making charity with 25 years of experience we offer businesses the chance to have a named fund which can grow and simplify your giving. You'll reach projects that are so busy helping people, they rarely make the headlines. So if supporting unsung local heroes is what you want to do now, speak to us today.
Coventry and Warwickshire CCG
We are responsible for planning, organising and buying NHS-funded healthcare for over a million people in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.
Critter Rescue SA
We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome neglected, abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals. We currently care for over 650 animals. We are an NPO situated in Gauteng.
Cupcakes of Hope
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we're inviting volunteers, AKA Cupcake Angles, to join our #Bake4Africa fundraiser. It is very easy to join & so much fun, anyone can join & bake a batch of cupcakes help raise much needed funds to help little cancer patients in South Africa receive the medication needed.
Cure For Claire
AARS2 affects the the brain and nervous system, causing damage to nerve cells in the cerebellum, which is the part of the brain responsible for balance It is disease.It starts with mild symptoms like clumsiness and eventually leads to severe disabilities affecting all four limbs, and eventually is fatal.
DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage
DAKTARI educates and inspires local South African children to value their environment and to stimulate community development through the medium of a wildlife orphanage. You can volunteer with us to help us achieve and grow our impact or make a donation.
Investing in women and girls through mentoring and other capacity building projects, Supporting the socioeconomic needs of children and the aged in slums.
DGN Save an African Child Initiative
We render services to vulnerable groups that include but not limited to children, youth, and the elderly. Our programmes include Victims and Perpetrators of Domestic/Gender-Based Violence and Femicedes, Substance abuse treatment programme, Sports, Arts and Culture, HIV/AIDS and Teen Pregnancy, etc.
DARG is a pro-life, non-profit organisation that rescues, cares for, sterilizes and rehomes previously abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs. DARG provides a crucial role for the communities of Imizamo Yethu, Hangberg and the greater Hout Bay area.
Dance Donation
Dance Donation is a Non-Profit Organisation whose focus is to collect previously loved dancewear & dance shoes and distribute these to aspiring dancers from dance organisations within historically disadvantaged communities
Dawn Uganda
To fight poverty in individual families through improvement in health and education.
Daylight Kids Alive Orphanage Home
Praise the Lord brethren's we are at crossroads at the moment as our orphans are in need of food, masks, sanitizers and medication we have no available funds. Your support would be invaluable. Good Bless you.
Dead Animals Walking
DAW - We pride ourselves in providing rescue, rehabilitation, relief, primary health care, sterilization & educational efforts, on the ground in impoverished communities and farms in Cape Town, by applying life changing and life saving interventions. We rescue hopelessly abused, neglected and unwanted animals.
Deeper Life Foundation
Deeper Life Foundation Hong Kong is a Charity and Social Enterprise Foundation; Seeing and Meeting the needs of Youths, Children and Elderly for effective everyday human life.
Dementia Support
Our mission is to help as many people as possible navigate the journey of dementia, both pre- and post- diagnosis, supporting family, friends and carers. Our vision is a society where dementia is wholly understood and accepted, enabling people living with dementia to be fully supported throughout their journey.
Denis Hurley Centre
We work with people of all faiths to bring about change in the inner city - Poor, Homeless, Hungry Sick, Unemployed and Refugees. We do this through various programmes - a clinic a feeding scheme, vocational training & also through simply treating people with the respect & honour they deserve as children of the one GOD
Deslibe charity organisation
To promote quality education through community participation, innovation and strong values that allow Deslibe children to build a different future for them and their families, that will transform the community with inside talent. Fill minds with knowledge and values to fight poverty and lack of opportunities in Uganda.
Develop Africa
We facilitate meaningful and sustainable development in Africa. We provide school supplies, scholarships, solar lights (so kids can study at night), mosquito nets (to keep children safe from malaria), computer/vocational training, etc. This helps them become self-sufficient and rise above the poverty.
DISABLED CHILD CARE is a charity established to provide food, safe drinking water and medical needs to the disabled children. We believe that disabled children should have access to the services they're entitled to, when they need them. We are not asking for disabled children to be singled out or treated differently.
Disabled Sailors Association
The DSA provides REAL sailing for people with any disability in wheelchair accessible boats.
Diski Pros
The goal of the project is to offer an opportunity for maximal development of talent in young girls through training and nurturing of their talents.
Distance For Difference (D4D)
Over the last 16 years, D4D (NPO182-816) has made a significant contribution towards children in need. We use sport to generate funds for various children's charities. We host 2 fundraising events, THE500 24-Hour Cycling Challenge & The Gratitude Run. Athletes can also find sponsorships for every km they run/cycle/swim
Diversity Cyber Council
Diversity Cyber Council is a 501c3 Non-Profit that serves under-represented demographics in the tech industry by facilitating education, training, and staffing opportunities to establish a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline to the workforce.
Divine Hope Child Care Ministries.
Divine Hope Child Care Ministries is a prolife giving whose mandate is uphold the sanctity of human life.our mission is to bring together orphans, vulnerable children, elderly and widows. In this we provide a home free environment, facilitate the rehabilitation of traumatized children through sports, music and dramma,
Divine Mercy Ministries
We desire to produce as much of our own food as possible on the 5 acre farm land that we have. We have begun raising goats and chickens. We currently have over 300 people that we are responsible for which include: widows, orphans, young adults and the elderly.
Divine touch children ministries
We provide education, Love, hope and care for the orphaned and abandoned children of Uganda. There over 47 million people living in Uganda. More than 2 million are orphaned children. AIDs has wiped out an entire generation of parents, forcing thousands of children never receive Education, parental love and care.
Dobrodiy Club
Every child has a right to be successful - no matter in what social status and life circumstances they find themselves.
Dogtown South Africa
Dogtown is a sanctuary for hundreds of dogs who have lost their families or have been rescued from dire situations. Every day the dedicated team of Dogtown, work hard to save more lives.
Dole Our Hope Uganda
DOLE OUR HOPE UGANDA was Founded and registered as Non-profit Organisation (NGO) with aim of Transforming and Empowering Orphans ,women And Elderly to have a better living in the community.
Dolphin Soccer Development Academy
We help youth to stay away from drugs, alcohol, crime and teenage pregnancy
Dragonfly Cancer Trust
Dragonfly Cancer Trust supports young palliative cancer patients throughout the U.K. We do this by offering Cash Gifts, Dragonfly Dreams and creative therapy.
Dumfries and Galloway Blood Bikes
A Charity providing a 24/7, 365 day service free of charge to the NHS, transporting lifesaving medical supplies between hospitals in Dumfries & Galloway.
We provide essential care for orphans/children across Africa.
EDEA Uganda
We empower communities, vulnerable groups, with complete (current, accurate and relevant) information, skills and services which enable them make informed decisions & live healthy and productive lives. Our vision is to see communities socially, economically and psychologically empowered to take control of their lives.
Serving our Community with love and pride. Offering food to the hungry and support where it's needed.
EMnambithi Legal Advice Centre
We as EMnambithi Legal Advice Centre, is an NPO that assists marginalised and vulnerable people with access to human rights and protection of their rights. We also provide paralegal services to the members of the community.
ETOP Blessing Uganda Foundation
ETOP means, "The Star that comes early morning and lights the the sky." We strive to meet the ever-changing needs as a result of the pandemic, our focus for 2022 is on educating the most vulnerable youth in Uganda: the blind, lame and underprivileged. We value your support and thank you all so much.
EarthCare Permaculture Ghana
Our aim for 2023 is to have more volunteers and students come and stay on the farm to work the gardens and for education. Surplus food will be given away to vulnerable widows, old age, orphans, etc, and people in the community.
East Bali Poverty Project
The East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) is a non-profit organisation helping the thousands of people living in abject poverty without water, sanitation, roads, schools, health facilities and electricity in East Bali.
East London SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
Since the year 1914 , The East London SPCA has been committed to animal rescue, animal welfare and preventing animal cruelty. This has been done in an area which includes several rural communities with a high level of poverty and unemployment, subsequently resulting in a high demand for our services.
East Sussex Islamic Association
We run the Hastings's mosque and all the affairs of the Muslim community in Hastings as well as running a Sunday school teaching Arabic and Islamic studies We look after the well-being of the community and promote good relationships with the wider community. We regularly run educational days and events open for public.
Eastleigh Borough and Romsey Mencap
Supporting people with learning disabilities to make informed choices and take part in engaging and meaningful activities in our community.
Ebenezer Children's Centre Orphanage Home
Founded in 2002 after seeing the plight of our destitute children who suffer with no hope in life. We found these children sick from malnutrition, AIDS, and loneliness. The already established home now serves one hundred boys and girls ranging from four years old to ten years old.
Eco Children
We work in environmental education & whole school development in areas neighbouring the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve in the Limpopo & Mpumalanga provinces, South Africa.
Educate Enrich Society Organization
EESO as vision oriented organisation. Fighting for educational rights, enriching and empowering the youth and entire society through education to produce the reliable future citizens.
Education Empowerment and Mentor-ship
Education empowerment and mentorship is a non profit making community based organisation in Kenya which aims in alleviating poverty through education .
Education for Everyone
We believe in universal education and work towards removing the barriers which are currently preventing this from being achieved, causing around 59 million children every year to miss out on learning basic skills including reading and writing. In essence, it’s our job to educate people on education.
Eglise Baptiste Conservatrice des Gonaives
A divine foundation, for the excellence and perfection of the saints. An acquisition of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ where our destiny lies. We support the needy and disadvantaged.
Egyptian Food Bank
The first neutral Egyptian charitable organization specialized in combating hunger, funded by zakat funds, alms and donations that are professionally transferred to services and programs to provide healthy food and a safe life opportunity for those who deserve it, whose impact on their lives is measured immeasurably.
Elite Soccer Academy
The Academy creates a fun and dynamic atmosphere for the players. ESA educates parents on how to understand soccer and their role as a supporter of their child's development.
Ellesmere District Scout Council
Providing Fun, Adventure and Skills For Life to 6 - 18 year olds across Ellesmere District. We support the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local community.
Els For Autism
The Els’ son, Ben, is impacted by autism spectrum disorder, which affects 1 in 44 children in the U.S. The Foundation offers innovative, evidence-based programs for families and individuals across the life-span in six focus areas: Education, Research, Global Support, Recreation, Adult Services & Therapy Services.
Emakhazeni Unemployed Graduates Organisation
Our long-term goal is to produce the following professionals in the next 4 years;1. 10 Medical Doctors 2. 10 Civil Engineers 3. 10 Mining Engineers 4. 10 Mining Surveyors 5. 10 Accountants 6. 10 Software Engineers 7. 10 Geologists 8. 10 Rock Engineers "Empowering Emakhazeni Future Leaders"
Embrace Dignity
A non-profit human rights organisation advocating for legal & social change to end prostitution. We do this through our advocacy for the Abolitionist Equality Law, Public Education, and Exit Programme.
Enabling Rural Opportunity Network
Our overarching goal is to educate, empower and support local adolescent girls and women who are marginalised, vulnerable, stigmatised and left with no where to go and to voice their needs.
Endleleni Community Projects
Environment Matters 247
Why we're here; We need nature and it needs us. We’re here to make the world wilder & make nature and our Environment part of life, for everyone. We’re helping to make life better – for wildlife, for people and for future generations. Our vision is a world where deforestation & degradation has no role in climate change
Epic Foundation
EPIC Foundation was founded by Alta McMaster at the beginning of 2013. The main purpose of the Epic Foundation is to support survivors of rape and abuse through various projects and initiatives.
Equality Through Education Foundation
We believe that the keys to alleviating poverty are universal education, gender equality, and community building. We also believe that regardless of who they are or what their economic status is, people have the capacity to lead useful lives and write their own future.
Equine Halfway House pony rescue and refuge
We help predominantly equines, but no animal is refused. This help can be in their own home, with advice, physical help or financial aid. On farm we provide the following..... RESCUE RECUPERATION REHABILITATION REHOMING REFUGE
Esther Children And Elderly Foundation
Evangelical Lutheran Church Malawi
We believe there is only one living and true God, eternal with unlimited power, Creator of all things, and in the one God, are three distinct persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Evangelistic Powerful Movement of Jesus Christ Clergy Council
Paarl Western Cape, South Africa, a place of high poverty levels with a mission to reach as much people as possible through a range of community services like free alcohol and drug addiction counselling, Bible school studies, educate people for ministry and send them in the world to help other people.
Everyone in Health
Everyone in Health develops and delivers high quality resources, tools, and events to develop management, leadership and other associated skills of everyone involved in health and social care. We want to empower all to innovate, improve and develop services for the benefit of service users.
Ewino Charity Foundation Ltd
Fundraising for needy children to get basic necessities: food, clothes, bedding, education, shelter, and medical care.
Excel Youth Network
EXCEL YOUTH NETWORK was formed late May 2021, it consist of 20 members with an the same goal. The network is to empower, community development, carrier development and provision of aids.
Executive Pulse Adventure Africa
We have Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) We reach out to the less privileged communities and support them. Unfortunately, our company have just started and when we reach out, we donate items which is why we want to support different charity organizations.
Eyethucic Organisation
We render counselling to victims of gender based violence. We provide food & secure food parcels for the needy. We create work opportunities, especially for women and youth.
Ezekiel & Rahab Foundation
Ezekiel & Rahab Foundation, major activities are Economic Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation by creating employment/income opportunities through identification projects to be undertaken within the households of rural and urban areas in Tanzania.
Ezrah Community Training and Development
Ezrah Community Training and Development is a non-profit company aiming to promote ethical service delivery and quality education to communities by empowering the next generation as leaders of change. We have a strong focus on innovative child protection projects as well as assisting other NPOs with strategic planning.
We are F.A.C.E. We are here to Fight, Appeal, Challenge Everything!! We advocate and offer benefits advice and support to people of all ages and needs, and of course help them to fight for appeal and challenge any decisions made in regards to benefits.
F.A.W.N.A Inc.
FAWNA Inc. (Fostering and assistance for Wildlife Needing Aid) was established in 1984 for the purpose of supporting a small group of avid wildlife rehabilitators in Busselton Western Australia to provide the best care for orphaned, injured, or abandoned wildlife.
Our Mission: To improve health, wellness & quality of life by providing access to sustainable community health services and education to underserved and vulnerable communities across the globe. We also embrace cultural diversity, help for legal immigration, and promote Sustainable Tourism and humanitarian organization.
FORA Friends of Rescued Animals
FORA is a shelter for unwanted dogs and cats, situated in Tarlton Gauteng. We adhere to a pro quality of life policy and operate on the three R's principal - Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome.
FSRH promotes best practices in sexual and reproductive healthcare. Our work, includes developing and delivering training and qualifications for healthcare professionals, shaping policies and guidelines in the field. The FSRH is committed to improving access to safe and effective contraception, and sexual healthcare.
Faith Clinic Foundation
Faith Clinic Foundation is a registered charity Organizations. To support women, youths, and families so that they receive assistance, recover and rebuild lives free from fear and violence.
Faith Heritage Family
Faith heritage family is a grassroots humanitarian organization based in Nigeria. We inspire the despairing to aspire. We have touched thousands of underprivileged children in various waterfront communities in Rivers state.
Faith Orphanage Foundation
Established in 1992 to help respond to the emergent HIV/AIDS problem which was already widely affecting several Zambian families. The work of FOF has focused on the Copperbelt and north western provinces of Zambia. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has impacted on the community at large as FOF we will support them.
Faith and life children's home
To build a generation with a strong faith and bring hope to the hopeless children in Africa. Its a non-governmental Christian organisation on a Christian foundation.
Faith in God Ministry
A web of church assemblies and strategic ministries, engulfing the world with the gospel of the Kingdom of God
Farnworth & Kearsley Events Team Ltd
We're a charity that supports young people up-to the age of 25. We do this by providing once in a lifetime opportunities such as taking them on residential trips to places like the Lake District or day trips to Manchester City stadium. Alongside this we do many more projects and campaigns.
Father A Nation
FAN is a Non-Profit Company that addresses gender-based violence, crime and fatherlessness by restoring and equipping men to be nation-builders, fathers and role models. We teach men to use their strength to love, serve, protect and provide and to be activists against any form of abuse.
Feed the Babies Fund
Our Vision Our aim is to create change in the lives of babies and children of all races, that are living in poverty. Our Mission To facilitate the growth and development of babies during their formative years; from birth to six years old; through focussing on their nutritional and educational needs.
Feeding the Furballs
Feeding the Furballs is a registered non-profit & public benefit organisation providing assistance to rescued animals in KZN, as well as providing sanctuary for a few Furballs.
Feminella Africa
Access to safe and sufficient water and improved sanitation as well as maintaining good hygiene is crucial to human health, well being, dignity and development. With our feminine hygiene kits, girls in our community are not only going to be clean but also bold and confident!
Fields of Hope
We are a disability-focused Registered NGO that Advocates, Supports & Empowers children and adults with Disabilities and their families from less advantaged rural communities.
Fikelela Aids Project
The vision of Fikelela is to mobilise the Anglican community to make a sustained positive contribution to the reduction of the number of new HIV infections and to drive HIV&AIDS education and acre, in partnership with others.
Flockhouse Ministries
Flock House Ministries is a registered Non Profit Organization (NPO), with the mandate to accelerate the Biblical Mission of Christ by the Multiplication of Disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit.
Fondation Fonassed HAITI
A right is a freedom a person has. That means, everything you can do or is there for you without any condition. While a duty itself is something you have to do, with conditions. Everyone, whether a child or an adult, has certain rights and duties. It is the State that is there to ensure that they are all respected.
Forces Online CIO
Forces Online CIO is a Cross-Border Military Charity. We support Veteran's and their families wherever we can. Our three main services are our signposting and social media network on and out Veterans Virtualhub service open daily online, and out Welfare Service available on our website.
Foster Friends Uganda
FOSTERS is a humanitarian organization that helps people who are suffering through saving lives and maintaining human dignity at anytime, anyplace in Uganda. We are responsible, aware of the circumstances of other people’s lives and helping them on the basis of need without discrimination.
Foundation "Ženski centar" Trebinje
Our mission is to fight for human rights of children and women in all segments, as well as economic empowerment of women. The vision of our organization is an improved position of women in the society and family as well as a life without violence.
Foundation For Rural Development
To uplift the living standards of the marginalized rural communities through the provision of equitable social economic empowerment and sustainable utilization of resources initiatives. FRD envisions a Prosperous, Peaceful, Productive and Socially Inclusive Society where all human beings can realize their potential.
Foundation Independent Star Of the east apostolic church
We believe in the five gifts God gave the church. They are fellowship, worship, discipleship, ministry, and missions. These gifts manifest themselves in the five officers of the church: Apostles Prophets Evangelists Pastors Teachers
Foundation Wings of Hope
Improving the social inclusion and strengthening of women, children, youth and other vulnerable groups by promoting and protecting human rights, mental health and support in education.
Fountain of Hope
We have been working in our community for the past 6 years helping those in need. All our children are coming from homes that are affected by drugs and alcohol abuse, gangsterism and unemployment. We also run a Soup kitchen on Wednesdays, and outreach programs throughout the year.
Franschhoek Hospice
To be a centre of excellence that improves the quality of life of patients and their families in the Franschhoek Valley. The loyal and generous support from our community allows Franschhoek Hospice to maintain high standards of service regardless of our patients’ financial situation.
Free Borsht Initiative
The Free Borsht Initiative is a food aid programme operating in Odesa, South of Ukraine. The two primary objectives are (1) providing fresh food to people in need and (2) supporting local farmers. The Initiative if financed strictly by donations, Thank you all !X
Free To Fly
Free to Fly will become an inpatient program for school-age girls, who are victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We plan a holistic program based on knowledge of traumatized and surviving people to facilitate this healing process.
Free to Be Kids
Free To Be Kids is a growing London based charity supporting children & young people who are struggling with social or emotional difficulties, and helping to create lasting change for vulnerable children's emotional health.
FreeMe Wildlife
Working together to enrich lives. We are a non-profit organisation that rescues and rehabilitates injured and abandoned indigenous wildlife until they are well enough to be released. All our treatment of indigenous wildlife is free of charge and we rely solely on the support of of our community and corporate sponsors.
Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service (Weston)
The Blood Bike charity covering Bristol, Bath, Taunton, West Wiltshire and Somerset.
Fress Children's Ministry
"Greetings to all friends, this is Fress children's ministry here in mafubira Jinja we care vulnerable children and orphans by providing education, food, and all the basic needs. So I ask for your prayers and every kind of support God will bless you." Love you all .
Friends Day Centre
Friends Day Centre Non-Profit, Non-Government Organization, established in 1959 and is a special care, activity and Therapy Centre for Learners with severe to profound Intellectual and/or physical disabilities. We are licensed to care for 120 Learners.
Friends Of PAAJAF
PAAJAF’s ultimate goal is to build its own school that will serve the entire community as an education and event centre in Gbawe. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of the children in the Gbawe region of Ghana through education.
Friends of Free Wildlife
A bunch of passionate and qualified wildlife rehabilitators who have rebuilt a fully permitted Community/Volunteer based Wildlife Centre. Our mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release and Educate.
Friends of Peace and Hope Foundation
We address the challenges faced by children in the border town of Kisoro after the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Some of these challenges that are still persistent include a lack of education, HIV which has left many as orphans & Child labour among others.
Funanani Trust
Funanani is a charitible trust that was founded by Rina Norden in 1998 and it functions under the auspices of Lewende Woord Hoof Gemeente/Living Word Main Congregation. Our program offering includes rendering services to the youth and vulnerable families.
Funda Nenja
Funda Nenja is a unique One Welfare NPO that uses dog training classes to teach animal welfare and to provide psycho-social therapy for children living in Mpophomeni, KZN, SA.
Fundación A mano manaba
We live and work in a tiny fishing village in northern Manabi, Ecuador. Through a liberating library we offer educational programs that advance school graduation while sponsoring gender equality. Since a 7.8 earthquake destroyed our village in 2016,we have been working with our neighbors towards a better future all.
Fundación Ama Tu Prójimo Como A Ti Mismo
Our main objectives are to improve the quality of life of people in need who live on the streets or in dilapidated houses, prioritizing the elderly, mothers and children; building a food canteen to promote the growth of marginalized women to ensure good health and enable them to lead an appreciative life.
Fundación Ecuatoriana para la ayuda al Síndrome de Turner
We support the physical, emotional and psychological development of women and girls from all over the country who have Turner Syndrome.
Fundación Multipolar
Our main objective is to support people in extreme vulnerabilty to exit this situation with a decent job.
GF Community Foundation
DELIVERING HOPE FOR ALL. The Groves Family (GF) Community Foundation has been created to address key social issues. We galvanise people and assets within communities to create opportunities and maximise impact. We aim to inspire individuals to make positive lifestyle changes, provide tools to learn develop & achieve.
We believe that, a sustainable future with integrated development depends on total education and mobilization of the youth anchored on partnership platforms for entrepreneurship, innovations, and inclusion.
GONAH Foundation
We are a team that is passionate about supporting Orphans, Elderly and the community.
The Missions (in part) of the church is to be involved in community engagement programmes especially on issues dealing with food, after school programmes elders and disabled persons in all places where our church will have its presence.
We protect animals & educate. By working hand in hand with the community, we CAN make a difference. Our mission is to curb the ever-increasing problem of an over-growing population of unwanted and suffering animals Our Goal is to make a difference Sterilisation • Education • Rescue, Treatment Rehabilitation & rehoming.
GWADYA AHAMADA the MD as well as the chairman serving disabled people under NGO Uganda we are teams offering necessities to poor and disabled families and those being affected by the floods in terms of food package, shelters, qurban, clothes, and many other necessities we can support them with.
Garden of Hope Children’s Ministry
Garden of Hope Children's Ministry Uganda, is a community Based organization found in Eastern Uganda providing it's services to almost 5 districts of the Busoga region .We are helping Orphans, Needy, Vulnerable Street Kids and Widows.
Gates Of Happiness Ministries Uganda
A global ministry headquartered in Uganda purposely to touch the lives of people both spiritually and physically We are a big family determined to serve God
Gateway Northeast
We work with an incredible group of children, young people and families, enabling them to access all sorts of activities. 70% of our workers and volunteers have some kind of disability - and we are so proud of what we have achieved so far.
Germiston Bedfordview SPCA
Our Aim is to prevent and eliminate all cruelty to all animals, whether arising from ignorance, neglect or deliberate cruelty.
Gift From God Child foundation Centre
Supporting and loving our Orphans is God's will and our privilege. Your support will help feed the children and bring them clothing.
Gift of Caring
Based in Kampala and Boston Massachusetts USA Gift of caring ministry provides training and offers of non-refundable capital to needy poor active women to get involved in income generating activities to enable them have a secure future.
Gili Eco Trust
Conservation, preservation, education, and restoration of the Gili Matra Marine Protected Area. Balancing many eco projects with the rapid speed of the development of these three beautiful paradise islands, the Gili Islands
Girls and Boys Towns South Africa
We deliver proven and successful programmes to strengthen vulnerable youth. Through a combination of interventions we, on average, assist between 16 000 to 20 000 beneficiaries a year. Our core focus is to remove the obstacles and barriers that prevent children from finding their light – and helping them to Shine®.
Give Hope Uganda
Give Hope Uganda (GHU) is a dynamic youth led organization, registered as a community Based organization that seeks to advance and promote the quality and improved health and well-being of adolescents and young people. Give Hope Uganda’s overall goal is to empower the vulnerable and marginalized.
Give a Child a Family
We have A mission statement to place orphans & vulnerable children in secure families.
Give a helping hand organisation
We extend support to the orphaned children and the ones infected with HIV.
Glorious Foundation Tanzania
Glorious Foundation Tanzania transforms vulnerables children’s lives by providing health care and free education Support.
God Cares For All Orphans
With over 3 million children in Uganda many starve to death other young children are forced into the army, and many simply die of disease. With our orphanage we strive to set the standard in orphan care as well as making sure we do our part and helping the world's most vulnerable children enjoy their life.
God Cares For All Orphans Ministry
A place to come and get suggestions on how to get funding for the children to get the education and medical and food and shelter and clothing so these children can live normal healthy lives.
God Giving Ugandans Hope and Care Foundation
We take care of 15 registered kids and we provide some needs to them like food, clothes, education and many others I’m here requesting for your help so that you become our sponsor in any way you can. Bless you.
God's Goodness- Ire foundation
We saddle the responsibility of putting smiles on the faces of children and women, through food drives, workshop training, and proper mentoring, we can gradually end hardship. Our Mission is to promote Good Health, education and social well-being for all Nigerians!
God's Hope Children Care Ministry
We support needy children, street children, and all vulnerable people in our community, visiting remote areas and taking care of food, health and survival.
God's Mercy Children's Home Ministry Jinja
Our Mission To reach out to all kinds of destitute, vulnerable and orphaned children in both rural and remote communities while protecting their rights. Our Vision To empower orphaned, needy, vulnerable children to cherish God's love, grace, unity and peace as well as enjoy being children.
God's Mercy Orphanage Centre
In 2017, we set out to make a difference in the lives of all children with needs all throughout the district by providing them with all the tools, resources and support they need in order to shape them into the leaders of tomorrow.
God's Will Orphanage and Charity Organisation
We support vulnerable & orphan children, helping to change their lives for the better. Our vulnerable children have shelter, medication and educational needs. This can be helped by donations from the people who care & we can rely on the donations of generous supporters to help us reach as many children as possible,
God’s Care Children Foundation Uganda
To ensure every child can easily access education, food, and Health Support. To empower families through opening up projects that will help to sustain widows and orphans to fight poverty.
Golden youth Journey
Golden youth journey is a non profit organizations .We are helping and supporting youth around Vlakfontein and surrounding area. More especially the youth who are addicted in to drugs.
Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation
Goldilocks and the Bear (#gb4adhd) is an initiative that provides free screening and early intervention for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other mental health barriers to education in disadvantaged communities in order to allow every child to reach their full potential.
Good Heart Child Care
Giving hope to hopeless children by making them grow with parental love, care and guidance through providing them accommodation, all securities and guidelines, medications, school requirement, avocations plus all in common that gives them a perfect feeling, faith and belief of having opportunities like other children.
Good Hope Muslim Association
We are Good Hope Muslim Association, a registered charity in Uganda, helping orphan families and the needy communities.
Graben Junior Academy
Satisfying over 200 children is not something that is easy but because of our passion we feel blessed to serve the young generation through education. Your donation will be so gratefully to support the next generation. Thank you so much.
Graben Orphanage Foundation Africa
We believe in transforming and changing people's lives through education, income generating activity, vocational, professional development & adulthood. Educating, training and equipping the world for great commission, reminding people of their natural rights in sharing the world, supporting them to flourish.
Grace Children's Home
We provide a place of safety & loving care for the least of these in our nurturing families. Through the love of Jesus Christ, we shepherd them to complete healing & hope – hope for a bright future in this life & for eternity. It is our joy to be the instruments in the hand of God to lead his precious, broken children
Grace Crisis Centre
Grace Crisis Centre offers hope and healing to victims of Domestic violence, sexual assault, suicide and bereavement by offering trauma counselling. We are based in the Northern Cape.
Grace Tabernacle Healing Ministry
All those years you prayed, those years you believed, those years you did the right thing, you worked hard, you helped others; that harvest has been stored up. Amen. Thank you Jesus and God Blessed you all. Be Blessed Today. From PROPHET WILLIAM AKOTO
Great Aycliffe Cancer Support Group.
What can we offer you? -Information on issues affecting cancer patients. -The opportunity to influence cancer services in the future. Regular social activities, with others affected by cancer. -Day trips, social events, meals out. -Confidential and emotional support in a safe & friendly environment. -Patient Transport
Great Minds Together
We work with schools, families and Local Authorities to tailor bespoke Intervention packages based on the individual needs of the child or young person. Working on a 'child first, funding later' basis ensures that the children are always at the centre of what we do.
Greater Love Ministries
Greater Love Ministries mandate is to reach the people with the message of love, faith, hope and restoration.
Greatfield Small Animal Rescue
Greatfield Small Animal Rescue, Kidderminster takes in small domestic animals unable to stay in their current situations, rehabilitate and rehome.
Green And Better World
The organization has been established with the sole purpose of supporting activities aimed at improving the quality of life for people around the world by reducing poverty, increasing health and wellbeing, protecting the environment and promoting ethical practices. Supporting the society and environment
Green Garden Foundation
We provide greetings and food for the kindergartens and soup kitchens.
Grow Ghana Edu Initiative
Most students in rural Ghana did not even touch a computer until Senior High School. A missed chance! We bring vital IT & Soft Skills in the heart of the local schools and empower our students for a digital future.
H.A.R.T Helderberg Animal Rescue Team
HART is a foster based rescue organisation. All our pups and kittens are in loving foster homes until they are adopted into their very own, loving, furever home. We conduct outreach work in poor communities in the area providing veterinary care, sterilisations, providing kennels and fencing, food and eductation
H.O.P.E Foundation
The Hope Foundation UK is a registered Charity working to save the street and slum children of Kolkata from lives of pain, abuse, poverty and darkness.
Hands of Mercy~Uganda Project encompasses the following: 1. Living Faith Fellowship Church 2. Orphanage Home 3. Bright Alliance Academy Orphanage Primary School
We believe in the potential of the poor to effect change in their own lives and in our world. Our sponsorship program connects individual sponsors with a child, youth or elderly person in need of encouragement and support. Hope for a sponsorship goes beyond the basics of providing food, education and health care.
Ever thought about volunteering. Have an hour or two to make a difference. Meet new people gain new skills. get involved today. It's a lot of fun !
We support disadvantaged children & orphaned children, & support the elderly who cannot afford basic needs, educate the youths through craft-making, farming and also music. The organization also empowers single mothers who have been abandoned by their spouses & those chased by their parents due to family disgrace.
Our mission is helping abandoned, abused and unwanted animals and assisting animals in distress. Every living creature has intrinsic value and is a sentient being and we endeavour to promote animal welfare in specific situations and strive to bring about new respect to all living creatures.
HERE 4 U are a community/mental health support charity based in Blackpool that aim to help everyone we can.
HESY Charity Organization.
Giving back to the community is our priority. Service to the people is service to God. Our mission is to ensure a self-reliance society by empowering youth groups, women groups, the elderly,the disabled and bring hope in lives of the hopeless people.
HI-EQ Academy
HI-EQ is an NPO offering the following training; Book Keeping: Small Business Financial Management : Public Sector Accounting. Entry requirements: Aged 16 or over-Be able to read & write English-Grade 10 (STD8)
HOLLA Children's Foundation
Giving children the resources available to reduce ignorance. We envision a World in which the members of our community have the resources, skills & confidence to break the cycle of Ignorance. Supporting children in achieving their dreams by providing mentorship, economic opportunities & a true hope to be seen.
HOPE Charity
Based in Chester le Street, HOPE is a registered charity, originally set up to support our local homeless and poverty-stricken community. Since Covid, we are evolving to expand our help and support to a wider audience, to include the elderly, disadvantaged and lonely, along with our Street Friends, the homeless.
HOPE Orphanage Project
When you sponsor a child with Hope Orphanage you give that child the hope of having a better life. All our sponsorships are one on one. You will receive monthly letters via email/WhatsApp off your sponsored child and will become an invaluable person in that child's life.
Haarlem Development Empire NPC
Haarlem Development Empire NPC is a registered Non-profit Company with the goal of transforming community development services to maximize impact. As an NPC our responsibility is to identify and implement strategies in our project areas that drive social change.
Hamdi International Welfare Trust
Hamdi International, is a humanitarian NGO that was established in 2022 to make the countries “Street dependent people free" Furthermore, the organization’s financial base was started by a single donation and drives us everyday. So, you can also contribute on this cause
Hands Of Hope
We're raising funds to get 1M sanitary pads to young girls in Uganda so they don't have to miss or drop out of school as well as to teach the girls how to make them as a job skills. Estimates are that 1 in 10 menstruating girls skips school for 4-5 days for every 28 day cycle or drops out completely. 4-5 day’s.
Hantam Pet Paws
With no SPCA or established animal welfare organisations in the area, Mariechen has taken it upon herself to help the animals in some of the most impoverished areas . Relying solely on friends & family for donations of dog & cat food and assistance with vet bills' your support would be fabulous and really appreciated.
Happy Hearts Feeding Scheme
A non-profit, charitable organisation that distributes food to those who are in need.
Happy at Home - Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire
Formerly Northampton Volunteering Centre. We provide services for voluntary and community groups, volunteers, public sector, local authorities and business.
Harmony House
Harmony House is an independent non-profit charitable organisation registered in India and our mission is to make a difference in the lives of under-privileged children by taking care of their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and education.
Harrow Carers
An independent voluntary organisation and the lead carers support agency in Harrow. Since 1996, we have developed a network of services and support for carers to reduce the burden and increase the life chances of unpaid carers who provide support for people in the community who are ill, frail disabled and disadvantaged
Hats Community Empowerment Programme (HACEP-Ghana)
A vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security
Headway Devon
Headway Devon is a local charity supporting people with acquired brain injuries, their families and carers in Devon and Torbay.
Headway Midlands
Headway - the brain injury association works to improve life after brain injury. Headway promotes understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provides information, support and services to people with a brain injury, their families and carers.
Headway Nottingham
"The principle objectives of Headway Nottingham are to promote the understanding of all aspects of brain injury and to provide information, support and services to those living in Nottinghamshire who have sustained a brain injury, along with their families and carers."
Headway Somerset
We exist to support individuals with acquired brain injury, their families and carers in Somerset.
Healthier Heroes CIC
Providing Veterans and their families with help and support around mental health and well being. We also support with Housing issues, recovery pathways, future employment, training and volunteering roles.
Heart Charity Foundation Sierra leone
We are a Sierra Leonean registered Non Profit Organization to offer relief projects & Services,we aim to reach poor people in need, orphans,widows,people with disabilities, providing clean water wells in deprived villages.
Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa
To promote cardiovascular health and cerebrovascular health through advocacy, influencing policy, providing information, tools, and support which will: Empower people to adopt healthy lifestyles and seek appropriate care early in the manifestation of the disease Assist in making healthier choices easy.
Heart for Africa
Heart for Africa is a Rhondda charity set up in 2017 to help orphanages, schools and communities in & near Arusha, North Tanzania.
Heart of England Community Energy Ltd
Heart of England Community Energy is a not-for-profit enterprise which owns one of the largest community solar arrays in the UK, near Stratford-upon-Avon. The solar farm is funded by community investment and ethical loan finance. Our surpluses support local community-led environmental and fuel poverty projects.
Heart of England Community Foundation
We manage a variety of funding for the local voluntary and community sector. With support from our funders, followers and partners we help sustain the communities where we live, work and play. We are here for the benefit of all those who call Coventry, Warwickshire, Solihull, Birmingham and the Black Country their home
Heart of Stella Foundation
The foundation support not more than two causes of choice at any given period. We believe in the potential of the poor and abused to effect change in their own lives and in our world. Cause one: Supporting mothers and Babies. Cause two: Support and care for Abused children. We support the poor & abused.
Heartlands Baby Sanctuary
Heartlands Baby Sanctuary, based in Somerset West, Western Cape, is a temporary residential safe care facility for 25 children at any given time. These are children that are abandoned, abused, neglected, orphaned and who are sick aged between 0-6years
Hearts And Hope Children's organization
Hearts Of Hope
Our vision: "to give vulnerable children in need of care and protection, a turning point opportunity of personal and individualised nurturing care in a safe and stable home environment enabling them to have a childhood, thrive, be educated, building their resilience and life skills within a forever home."
Hearts of Care Orphan Project
Our mission is to end, #illiteracy, #hunger, #poverty, #absue, #negelct in children, and also to change the lives of vulnerable people in East Africa. Our organization has been actively involved in making a difference in people's lives in their times of need.
Heavenly Haven
Heavenly Haven is a community upliftment project located in Great Brak River, roughly 25km south of George. We focus on uplifting the community through skills development, teaching and training, as this is the only way sustainable change will happen.
Helderberg Stroke Support Group
We offer assistance to stroke survivors in the community & the families that support them. The HSSG is made up of a dedicated group of health professionals, volunteers, family members, friends and stroke survivors. We aim to improve the education, function, health and participation of stroke survivors in the community.
Helen & Douglas House
We provide hospice care for babies and children in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. Your help is most welcome. Thank you.
Hello Angels Foundation
Hello Angels Foundation's mission is to inspire the children of our future to make an impact on our community. Our goal is to improve the lives of unhoused, low-income families, and others providing essential supplies and resources bringing comfort and happiness to those who need it most.
Help A Squaddie
Our aim is to help develop the capacity and skills of the socially and economically disadvantaged community of ex-military and their families within the Staffordshire and South Derbyshire area. We run regular drop in sessions and offer Mental health/Housing/Drink and Drug addiction support.
Help Community Concerns Uganda
Help Community Concerns Uganda is a non governmental & not for profit Community Based Organization working with rural communities of Uganda. It envisions a society where rural women, children and youths are empowered equitably to demand for and have equal access to quality socio-economic services and human rights.
Help The Needy Foundation
We are a non-profit organisation created to assist children of The Gambia that are in need of assistance with their school fees and supplies.
Helpful Hounds Assistance Dogs
Helpful Hounds Assistance Dogs is a Charity that helps to change the lives of young people and their families, living within Southern England. Our objective is to help the person we support to achieve their maximum potential, whether that is educationally, socially or with work opportunities.
Helping Hands Uganda
Orphans and homeless kids also deserve love just as our Lord Jesus Christ loved every one. Helping Hands Uganda Ministry continues to support them and wholeheartedly so they also deserve love and care. Please support our ministry so that our kids live a good life just as others .
Henbury and Brentry Community Council
As part of the Community Action Plan the former Henbury Centre has been acquired by Henbury & Brentry Community Council to create a new Community Centre. We rely on donations to keep the Centre running -We're volunteers with no core funding and no paid members of staff and support from our Community means everything.
Hero In My Hood
We are developing a series of Story Activity Books for children. They cover important social and environmental topics in a fun and accessible way. To date we have 3 books and our topics are Pet Care, Peer Violence and Plastic Pollution. Our books are available to view on our website.
His Grace of Hope For Africa Mission
Our mission includes outreach, child care, identify families within the community for child fostering and distributing school supplies to children. We identify vulnerable children in the community that we can assist. We work with identified children, so that they can become oriented into productive members of society.
Hisani Foundation
Supporting children, families and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel the vulnerable to achieve success as individuals.
Hluhluwe Creative Council
Empowering through arts & culture , offer a wide diverse training to support, promote & uplift one another.
Holly's Haven Wildlife Rescue
HHWR is a volunteer-run wildlife rehabilitation and public education centre. We are a Canadian registered charity
Holy God Ministries Trust
Holy Spirit pours Demons cast out
Home For The Golden Gays Inc.
The Home for the Golden Gays, Inc. is a sanctuary for the aged gays and lesbians in Manila founded by writer and former public servant Justo Justo.
Home Of Good Hope
We focus on working with teenage youths We are dedicated to promoting educational and health programs for the vulnerable Children and youths that are in total and dire need We also seek to facilitate the youths to initiate and create income generating projects. Unemployed and HIV Infected are just some we help.
Home Sweet Home Foundation, Inc
Our Mission Home Sweet Home Foundation transforms supportive housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities into safe, happy, nurturing homes, through in-kind donations-empowering them to live with the confidence and dignity they deserve.
Homes For Ukraine
The public response to UK’s Homes for Ukraine scheme has been unprecedented and we are humbled that thousands of people have contacted us to take part. We are working as quickly as possible to establish a safe and secure matching system to connect sponsors and refugees.
Hoodwill-Corp is serving the community with Value & honesty. Uplifting the People
Hope 4 Kidz
Hope 4 Kidz was established to give children and young people a sense of hope for their future. The aim of Hope 4 Kidz is to support the well-being of children and young people suffering from a physical or mental disability.
Hope Baptist Children's Care
Our major goal is to support & educate young children, also helping with medication, feeding & accommodation. We also support elderly people, women empowerment, mentally sick people, poor families and Orphaned Children, who's brains are damaged. We motivate individuals and Organisations to participate in social support
Hope Child Care Foundation
To minister to Ugandan orphans and widows in their distress by providing food and shelter so as to achieve a better and suitable life.
Hope For Aids Orphans
We support the orphans through providing education, healthy care which enables them to grow with Christ. We realised that there is a BIG need for supporting orphans in Uganda that's why, with the help of God's grace and love, we stood up to lift the lives of our children with the help of God's power.
Hope For All Foundation
We bring change in the rural communities by providing micro finance for micro Enterprise, health and education ,sustainable agriculture ,animal husbandry and safe water and sanitation.
Hope For Children CRC Policy Center
The “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center is an International Humanitarian and Independent Institution based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It works on humanitarian and development policy relevant to the defense and promotion of children’s rights
Hope For Joy Orphanage Foundation
Greetings from the children of Hope for Joy, Though we still have a lot of need in other areas that we appreciate support, Our main primary objective is to feed these children three meals a day and to educate them, these are the real challenges we face on a day to day basis and that is where we need support the most.
Hope For The Future Foundation
HFO provides a child focust and homely approach where children are housed, fed. clothed, and educated. Our onus and goal is to provide holistic and sustainable child development so that they become productive citizens of Uganda and Africa.
Hope Life YAMA 2000
Hope Risen Foundation
An organisation ending Human Trafficking and Exploitation through Prevention, Intervention, Restoration and Re-integration. We do this through careful, compassionate and strategic planning providing the best solutions and creating sustainable efforts in partnership with those locally and globally.
Hope To Heal Foundation
Striving for women & children to live free from violence & abuse & to provide quality, compassionate & non-judgmental services in a manner that fosters self-respect & independence in persons experiencing domestic violence & child abuse & to lead the struggle to end domestic violence through advocacy community education
Hope for orphans and rural development
Hope for Orphans and Rural Development [HORD] aims to improve the lives of the poor, by focusing programs and services on the most vulnerable groups in rural communities: ∙women ∙children ∙ people living with HIV/AIDS. By providing food, clothing, shelter and medication, HORD helps those at risk so people survive.
Hope for the Hopeless Foundation - HHF
Improved health practices, behaviour change on social injustices, quality education and social economic living standard of the marginalized population in rural and semi urban communities. We will support you.
Hope in God Child Initiative
Hope In God Child Initiatives (HGCI) is a child sponsorship and Christian Humanitarian Aid Organization that works to transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable groups of people in Uganda.
Hopelands Village NPC
Our mission is to raise a self-sustainable villages and homes in South Africa where orphans and abandoned children can have a family, lead normal lives and become leaders of the future.
Horn Trust
Horn Trust is a community organisation. Our tree planting project is one of the most successful projects in The Horn of Africa. Providing a long-term solution to fighting deforestation in Africa caused by the destruction of indigenous forest.
Hospice Palliative Care Association of SA
HPCA (The Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa) is the peak national organisation of hospices in South Africa representing the interests and aspirations of all who share the ideal of quality care from diagnosis.
Hospitallers - Medical Volunteers
Hospitallers is a civilian force of paramedics founded in 2014 by medical volunteer Yana Zinkevych. Since then and until now Hospitallers are operating in Ukrainian war zones "for the sake of every life", as per their motto. Right on the battlefields, Hospitallers are first to help the wounded: provide first medic.
Hotel Hope Ministries
Children should be brought up in a safe, happy and healthy home so that they can grow up and develop into responsible and positive adults. Although children are our main focus, we have a holistic approach to the problem of orphaned and abandoned children. We also have projects to focus on assisting Mothers and Fathers
House Of Faith Ministries Uganda
We yearn to Prepare God's Church for His imminent Return, Reveal to them the hidden mysteries of God's Kingdom and Win Man back to God's Bosom, both those in the church and outside church.
House Of Hope
House of Hope is a home for under privileged people, mostly homeless people and addicts.
House of Hope Community Life Development
Launched in June 2004 as a response in faith to the reoccurring deaths of abandoned, neglected, and orphaned babies, House of Hope has since expanded to become a beacon of hope to children in crisis in the Goldfield's community and beyond. We're investing in the lives and dreams of children.
Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre
Rescue and rehabilitation centre for Cape Fur Seals in Hout Bay and along the West Coast of Southern Africa.
Hull Remembers The Hull People's Memorial
Hull Remembers raised The Hull People's Memorial in May 2018. We're now refocusing on educational aims, providing a research service to schools, colleges and lifelong learners from all walks of life. We provide a free city-centre museum and research centre with an extensive library and document repository.
Increasingly, veterans return from service to find they do not have the support network and resources to meet their most basic needs. Hull 4 Heroes aim to ensure that their transition back into civilian life and regular employment is as seamless as possible.
Humaniterian Help Africa
Humaniterian Help Africa is a non-profit Christian, Community Based Organization in Uganda established with a mandate to help and support the disadvantaged, vulnerable children of Anyara - Kaberamaido District Uganda
Hurdy Gurdy House
We're a home for adults with autism . Leanne Scott, the parent of an autistic child, together with Richard Gaertner realised there was a lack of suitable residential facilities for people with learning disabilities. The lack of facilities for adults with Autism & challenging behaviour was of particular concern.
Husky Heaven Rescue
We are a team of passionate animal lovers helping the Husky breed that is misunderstood because of no research being done about the breed before buying one of these magnificent fur kids! Our aim is to rescue and re-home after strict home checks, adoption applications and adoption contracts are done.
Husky Rescue South Africa
Husky Rescue is a non-profit organisation that specialises in the rescue and re-homing of huskies and other Nordic breeds of dogs.
Hygiene of the psyche
The hygiene of the Hygiene of the psyche is a both digital and In person platform with the following Activities: 1. Trauma healing. 2. Personal development (mentoring, coaching and counseling). 3. Giving back to the community ( volunteering and crisis intervention). 4. Training and workshops on business
I Matter Foundation
I Matter Foundation works with children from different communities and backgrounds. They have a common challenge, which is, Learning disorders/disabilities, addressing barriers to learning and involving communities in supporting these children !
We educate and create awareness about breast cancer and provide FREE BREAST HEALTH SCREENINGS to disadvantaged South African women who have limited funds or access to medical facilities.
IMOC Cape Town Charity Toy Run Trust
Toy Run is South Africa’s largest motorcycle ride, and it’s all for charity. Every year, tens of thousands of motorcycle riders, and the general public, rally together to give joy to the needy children of South Africa. Thousands of toys are strapped to bikes and paraded through our cities.
Ichthyosis Support Group (ISG)
To preserve and protect the health of and to relieve persons affected by ichthyosis and any associated condition. To advance the education of the medical profession and the general public on the subject of ichthyosis and its implications for the family. To promote research into the management of ichthyosis .
Good day all, I'm an ambassador for children living with mental disabilities, I help parents get their children assessed by a psychologist, Educational psychologist and have them placed in proper schools that will cater for their children 's needs.
Ikamva Youth
IkamvaYouth enables disadvantaged youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty through education. IkamvaYouth’s innovation lies in the model: we run an after-school tutoring programme, supporting learners in high school to ensure that they pass, access tertiary and are set on a path to a dignified living.
Ikitse cultural Village
A venue which celebrates and preserves the Setswana language and other cultural activities.
Imbali Ebusisiwe ECD
Childcare and their education is our mission. Our priority is educating their minds.
Immanuel Junior school
We're striving to be academic giants. We are training our children to be good leaders of tomorrow in so many ways. Your donation will be received with sincere thanks.
Impumelelo Creche
Impumelelo Centre began with one shack on the premises of Marjory Xoseka, in what was then known as Thula Mntwana. It started with seven children and Marjory was the teacher and Principal of the school. They were moved many times by the Dept of Housing until eventually they were loaned the ground where they now
Inclusion Aid
We support people who are unable to work, are poor, and are marginalized who often have the lowest coping strategies, hence they all need help irrespective of their gender, age, ethnicity, tribe, geography, religious beliefs, political affiliation, or national status;
Independent Advocacy
Our vision is to “Empower people to lead fulfilling lives” by reducing social isolation, empowering people to stand up for their rights and improve people’s self-esteem. We help people & communities build supportive networks, friendships and work together effectively for the good of all.
Indian Dreams Foundation
The Indian Dreams Foundation (IDF) is dedicated to educate, create health awareness, empower and develop underprivileged communities. IDF's journey began in 2004 when a group of people from varying backgrounds decided to make a difference in the lives of those less privileged than them.
Indigenous Syntropic Agroforestry Community Farm
We started in 2021 July as a community demonstration garden for indigenous syntrophic agroforestry, indigenous seeds conservation centre and a community farm where members could get free vegetables as the system grows to a food forest. Our vision is to create a community food system that is eco-friendly.
Infinity Hope Africa
A registered non governmental organization whose mission is to empower physically disabled children to live with greater independence and freedom from poverty hunger, and diseases. ''Together we can change the world''
Ingelosi Foundation
The Ingelosi Foundation focuses on empowering the individual. We believe that through upliftment and poverty alleviation, we can inspire future volunteer professionals to "pay-it-forward” creating a self-sustaining community of willing participants.
Inspiration For The Nation
IFTN is providing emergency aid and long-term assistance to families and communities in Africa. We help to overcome the root causes of hunger and malnutrition. Our Treatment programs are complemented by dynamic/professional and caring staff members.
Inspiration Nursery School and Learning Center
We reaffirm our collective commitment in ensuring quality and affordable education through supporting our children in striving to attend the highest level.
Inspired Hearts' Organization
Our organization has been working in the society to alleviate poverty and diseases, guide and counsel the disadvantaged, assist the elderly and widows to help them live a happy life. We also help street children who are rejected by their parents or become unwanted. We also help vulnerable children by paying full fees.
Integrated Sustainable Development Initiatives
For the first 5 years of inception ISDI will provide subsidized fertilizers to the selected poor farmers in the region and thereafter will help farmers or will create cluster groups of farmers’ cooperative societies to obtain finance and soft loan opportunities.
Integrated Youth Empowerment Center (IYEC)
Integrated Youth Empowerment Centre (IYEC CAMEROON) is an organization that advances gender equality and creates social change in our communities. We empower youths, women and vulnerable children.
International Coalition Of Ranger Protection
"Our Mission is to Bridge the gap between People and Nature. Teaching the vital importance to this generation of protecting nature and its fragile biodiversity, and how we can all take action, to ensure the future of this fragile planet. ICORP educates, trains and equips people to become guardians of nature.
International Diplomatic Organization for Peace and Development
The issue is not only about the need to remove the crushing identity between the stern poverty and obscene richness, but also about those true spiritual values that can, if realized and absorbed, create a new world trend that is itself a major part One of the needed solution.
International Medical Crisis Response Alliance
We are a UN-affiliated non-profit, formed by and for, medical professionals. We strive to fill critical gaps during global crises through the use of an innovative and comprehensive educational telemedicine platform that enables under-equipped medical professionals working with vulnerable populations.
Inua Girl Child Initiative
Inua Girl Child initiative is a program to help girls have a conducive environment for learning.
We are a community of people across the world whose vision is to see the Atlantic Forest restored, with thriving communities living in a flourishing landscape. Our objective is to find better ways of forest care and protect our extraordinary biodiversity while generating forest-based incomes to raise living standards.
Iris House Children's Hospice
We care for Special Needs Children with life limited or life threatening conditions in the Western Cape. We provide respite care and support for the whole family FREE of charge. A vibrant charity committed to enriching the quality of life for children & young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.
Isiolo Grassroot Youth Empowerment
No society can reach its full potential, unless it empowers women and youth and removes all obstacles to women’s full participation in all areas of human endeavours. Africa must provide an enabling environment for its women, children and young people to flourish and reach their full potential,
Izulu Orphan Projects
To serve, educate and provide for the desperate and deserted orphans and HIV infected widows with children through individualized, family-centred, community-focused care. We strive for every orphan to have a humane chance in life
JIFAN Association Int
We believe that through collaboration, partnerships, and pooling resources it is possible to help young people and marginalized communities emerge from spiritual, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical and social poverty. We are JIFAN ,Jesus Is For All Nations.
JOJO Cares Foundation
To Provide Emotional & Financial Assistant To Children Who Need Aid. This is where JOJO CARE FOUNDATION will Begin but The Destiny of our Foundation, as all our destinies are ordained by God.
JUDES "Empowerment for development"
We address the challenges of Youth and Women, HIV/AIDS pandemic, environmental concerns, diminished education and reduced economic opportunities among the people of Kasipul. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
Jabulani Rural Health Foundation
We aim to bring hope and positive change to the community around Zithulele Hospital by supporting the Hospital and partnering with the community in its development and growth. Health care/Education/The Environment/Poverty relief through community upliftment
Jacksonville Autistic Society
JAS. A place for Autistic children and adults. A place of acceptance and love. We are dedicate to early diagnosis and support. Our goal for JAS is to be a safe place for the neurotypical community a place without judgements a place to be themselves.
Jacob Kutu Foundation
Our aim is to build a strong community through skills development. The organization was founded by Mr. Jacob Kutu whose passion is to help vulnerable unemployed youth and women by equipping them with tools and resources which will make a positive change in their lives.
Jamil charity foundation
Our objectives are to ensure that the children get quality education & remain in the best of health. We will make sure that their education is not impeded by unnecessary distractions. In addition to imparting knowledge, the schools will introduce the children to artistic expression — drawing, painting, and much more .
Jehovah's Grace Orphanage
Feeding and clothing the many needy children at our orphanage is carried out with love and affection. They are our future.
Jeshurun charitable trust
Children constitute a large percentage of the population and A child should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love, guidance and understanding! A child’s physical and mental development, require they receive care in regard to physical, mental, moral and social development. We help to provide that.
Jesus Life Ministries
Celebrating the life and miracle of Jesus Christ and supporting the body of Christ.
Jesus to my Rescue Ministries & Outreach
Jesus to my Rescue Ministries & Outreach is a fully registered and tax exempted non-profit company in South Africa that focus on spreading the Gospel of Jesus, and while doing so, reach out to the poor through various outreach projects.
Jesus' Wind of Victory
To provide quality education to the orphans and vulnerable children through child sponsorship, feeding, provision of shelter and to empower the youth and widows with survival skills to improve on their standard of living.
Jimmy Child Care Foundation Uganda
Serve the homeless God will serve you. Children are a gift from the Lord offspring a reward from him
Johannesburg Child Welfare Society
Founded in 1909. We take care of the abused, abandoned, neglected and the orphaned children within Johannesburg. We provide a range of direct services to abused (physical, sexual and emotional), abandoned, neglected, orphaned and vulnerable children ,including those who are infected or have been affected by HIV & AIDS
Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital
We are a dedicated wildlife ONLY veterinary hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our aim is to improve the quality of treatment, survival and success rate of rehabilitation of small to medium sized indigenous South African wildlife. We are the first of its kind in Gauteng & hope to expand Worldwide.
John Moore Animal Welfare
We are a registered, non-profit organisation, hosted by Cornerstone Veterinary Services in Robertson, providing ongoing primary veterinary care services to underprivileged communities in Robertson and the surrounding areas. We opened our doors in December 2017.
Jointasdev Cameroon
Our objectives are to ensure the promotion of sustainable development goals(SDGs) in affected, vulnerable & hard to reach communities, especially to the unprivileged, affected or displace women & youths in forest zones. We have a vision to protect the mother earth within the difference ecosystems & local communities.
Jolly Orphanage School
Help me to make a change in this generation. Children are denied as they have no Mother or Father They are trying to live with no food, No shelter, No good water, No beds, No clothes. Even what we get it's not enough. Education is a problem, medication is poor. They can walk six miles without seeing a clinic.
Jorja's Journeys
Currently we have 237 students enrolled in our educational empowerment program. 68 of these students are waiting for a sponsor so they can continue their education. Jorja’s Journeys has focused heavily on long term sustainability and education is at the very heart of it! Planting the seeds to a brighter future!
Josie's House of Help
At Josie’s House of Help we believe in making an impact in the communities that we serve. We provide programs that help individuals to have a better quality of life.
Joy Ministries Of Orphans Jinja Uganda
Caring for our orphans in need is our privilege and duty. Those who believe in God are are like the mountain of Sinai.
Judan Volunteers Uganda
We support children to live to their full potential, their rights and aspirations are fulfilled. Our major work involves supporting abandoned street children, children with speaking and hearing requirements, and HIV/AIDS children and youth to access basic education, skills to be able to be supportive to their needs.
Julie Donli Kidney Foundation
We formed to create awareness on the importance of kidney health and to offer some financial assistance to indigent patients undergoing dialysis treatment or kidney transplant and we also assist in providing access to the different medical options available for different kidney ailments.
Jungle Theatre Company
We are an established NPO with more than 20 years’ experience. Our artistic team is skilled in creating, performing and facilitating theatre shows and workshops for children, families and youth workers. Drawing on our diverse cultural heritage, we move people to find connections to our environment and shared humanity.
Juphi Educational Centre
Juphi Education Centre is an educational institution that provides basic education and services to our Children. This is one of the projects funded by OYAWI organization. The main aim of this project is to provide quality and trans-formative education for the vulnerable children and orphans in our community.
Just In Time Baby Sanctuary
Just In Time Baby Sanctuary is a place of safety for abused and abandoned babies from new-born to 2 years. The house was officially opened on the 27th of August 2016. Since its inception, Just In Time has helped 33 babies with 10 babies currently in its care.
Just Like Us
Just Like Us is the LGBT+ young people's charity. We were founded five years ago for a simple reason: growing up LGBT+ is still unacceptably tough. Our mission is to empower young people to champion LGBT+ equality. We want all young people to know that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated. ​
K'Aron Farm - Community Based Organization
We wish to eradicate poverty, food dependence and malnutrition in Kenya through sustainable permaculture.
Kasese Humanist School LTD offers education services to young people in offering: Nursery Education -Primary Education -Tree planting initiatives- Sustainable farming initiatives- Vocational skills training -Hostelling services
Mosque construction Water well drilling Qurban (Animal sacrifice) Ramadhan program Food packs distribution Orphan Feeding and Education Quran distribution Community development And many more
Kadebedde Muslim Helping Center
Kadebedde Muslim Helping Center is a Charity Project aimed at promoting the livelihoods of the needy through Preaching the Islamic Faith
Kaiffa Uganda
KAIFFA is an umbrella organisation of farmers , farmer groups and agro-processors with a major goal of improving the livelihoods amongst the community .
Kakolo Charity Foundation
We kindly request for your support to help us in providing food package to the widows and old people in different communities in Uganda.
Kampala Boy
We support orphans while others are saying they found themselves on the streets of Kampala they don't know both of their parents. We as Kampala Boy Community based initiative try as much as we can to rescue, rehabilitate and educate these children for a better future. Please help us on our journey.
Kangaga Umoja Self Help Group
Kenya & other countries of the world are going through drastic effects of factors that have brought food insecurity & poverty. Death rates of animals, diseases such as cholera, typhoid and TB that are caused by lack of clean & enough water. Drought & food shortage contributes to the drastic situation that requires help
Kangala Wildlife Rescue
Kangala Kangaroo & Wildlife Rescue was established early 2020 after the devastating bushfires on Kangaroo Island. We strive to help save wildlife in need, offering care, treatment, and rehabilitation.
Kangaroo Island Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre
The 2020 bushfires on Kangaroo Island saw 1,000 animals be brought to the KI Wildlife Park for treatment. Due to the amazing support received, the KI Koala and Wildlife Centre was established as a registered charity. Donations will support the care and rehabilitation of wildlife that continue to come into our care.
Kannet Child Support Foundation
Kannet is a team of volunteers willing to freely help restore hope for the less privileged children that have less opportunities to access a better life. Caring for children, especially in rural areas. We give them hope for their futures.
Kariri Organic Farm
The organization is about farming and training on modern Agricultural techniques, helping the needy
Karis Neighbour Scheme
Enabling people to act as good neighbours so that grace can change lives and transform communities.
Kavu Youth Empowerment Development Centre
Our Club has been establish as a Safe Space where children who have turned Beer Drinking Places into Recreational Centres can come to Pass their time, socialise and learn skills to develop there careers,
Kawartha Wildlife Centre
Our Mission :“To rehabilitate and release sick, orphaned and injured native wildlife and provide education on ways we can support wildlife species through conservation, awareness, and co-existence. Everyone has a stake in a healthy environment. Help us keep Kawartha Wild!”
Kea Ka Molemo Day Care
We provide supervision and care of infants and young children during the daytime, particularly so that their parents can hold jobs.
Keep The Dream196
There is not a quick fix answer to the needs of children; it is a long term investment in the future to help a child holistically and sustainably to overcome not just the current situations but all the challenges that life has to present in the future. 1. Training 2. Support 3. Advocacy and Awareness Raising Activities
Kemnath Foundation
Kemnath Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation that deals with different issues in communities ranging from poverty,anti jiggers campaigns and free education to the needy. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
Kennedy Mweene Foundation
Youth Empowerment Identify and spot soccer talent Community Upliftment Support abandoned children
Kent Alpha Project
We provide supported accommodation for addicts seeking to maintain abstinence-based recovery using mutual aid fellowships. We provide support and housing management with skilled and experienced staff.
Kenya Assemblies Of God Nyamasaria
Be strong, courageous, and firm; fear not nor be in terror before them, for it is the Lord your God Who goes with you; He will not fail you or forsake you.
Kevin Richardson Foundation
With nature’s most majestic creature, the lion, at its heart. Launched in early 2018 the foundation is committed to changing & reversing the state of Africa’s declining lion population by purchasing habitat & raising awareness to create safe, natural spaces where lions & other native species can flourish.
Kholay sports academy
The Home of future stars. Changing our community for the better through sport.
Khula Development Group
Our mission is to promote a positive culture of learning and strengthen the value of education and attendance for children at risk of school disengagement through school, home and community based preventative and restorative initiatives. Khula is active in Paarl (Paarl East) and Stellenbosch Cloetesville, Idas Valley.
Khulani Nathi Sport
Providing underprivileged learners in community with education support & sport development to help them reach their potential & create sporting opportunities post their school career. This will allow each learner within the development program to grow & reach their potential on and off the sporting field.
Khuthalani Day Care Centre.
We are a Non Profit Organization. We focus on all pre-school age groups -starting from babies to Grade R. Our Grade R is fully integrated with the Limpopo Education Department.
Kiahuko Primary School
The school has a population of 400 pupils of which 217 are boys and 183 girls, also have an ECDE center with 84 learners. We have a teaching staff of 13 trained teachers. The school has 8 classrooms where 3 are permanent and 5 dilapidated semi-permanent classrooms. We also have a kitchen which is in bad state.
Kidney Savers' Foundation
We are dedicated to raising awareness & preventing kidney diseases through public education programs, improving health and wellbeing of individuals and families affected by kidney diseases through research and medical training programs and promote kidney donations for renal transplantation to end-stage kidney disease.
Kikaka CBO
We support the youths in our community. We bring them together for a better future.
Kin Culture
This bigger, more beautiful picture of family is what the church can offer the world – a family of families to vulnerable children. As such, our mission is to build and support a community of loving, generous families to provide homes for vulnerable children.
Kina Disabled Kisumu Organization
Helping street children, orphans, vulnerable children and children suffering from cerebral palsy. Please help us in raising these children.
Kindness Like Confetti
We aim to address the most recurring problems faced by our local communities in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Knysna, Port Elizabeth & Cape Town. Food shortage, childcare assistance, reprieve from the cold in winter, trauma relief & equal treatment of women. Our goal is to provide support in these areas.
Kinns Konsept and Charity
Kinns is a care giving (orphanage) girl, child, women empowerment, talented youth, agriculture , education and entrepreneurship our vision is: To build a functional independent orphanage home and individuals.
Kipeepa Christian Foundation
Kipeepa Christian Foundation was built to save orphans, widows and the needy children.
Kiryandongo United Football Club
Kiryandongo United Football Club was started to help nurture talent from the home based players. Many have seen this happen and have joined clubs in top leagues We always play every season we are a registered community based organisation
Kisoro Concern for Marginalised People Organization
We organize communities especially the indigenous minority people (Batwa), refugees, widows, street children, people infected with HIV/AIDS, orphans and other vulnerable people in ensuring that they have better life. The organisation partners with other organisations such as Call to Africa Mission & Africa for Jesus.
Kronendal Music Academy
We afford children the opportunity to explore the magic of music. KMA provides an opportunity for becoming a professional musician. KMA contributes to improving the fabric of our South African society by turning the creative potential of our residents into assets to reduce despair and build bridges.
Kuda Vana Foundation Trust.
Kuda Vana Foundation Trust is working with our development partners in South Africa and Zimbabwe in order to improve living conditions of the vulnerable children in Zimbabwe. Your support will mean so much.
Kukula Solar
Founded in March 2016, Kukula Solar seeks to distribute life changing solar products to low income families. This enables them to save the meagre income they make everyday and provide children more hours of study! Join us today as we invest in communities ! Accelerating Rural Communities Access To Clean Off Grid Energy
Kungwini Welfare Organisation
Kungwini Welfare Organisation is a 24-hour care and residence facility that looks after 160 adult residents with severe and profound disabilities aged from 18 - 80+ We are situated in Pretoria-East, Graham Road. We are one of the Top leading NPOs in the country and take pride in our Organisation and our Beneficiaries.
Kuwane Foundation
Kuwane Foundation addresses poverty and underdevelopment in the rural Eastern Cape. The programs that are implemented include among others, food security (farming and food parcels), computer and internet resource centre, after school support, sports and recreation.
Kyamaganda community development organization (KCDO)
The Kyamaganda Community Development Organization (KCDO) exists as an advocate for young people to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christians and adult citizens.
Kyanaka Smallholder Farmers Association
KSFA is a Community Based Organization practicing Agroforestry with coffee farming for improved livelihoods & climate change mitigation. We mainly deal in mixed farming to address abject poverty, food security and climate change through agroforestry and making briquettes from farm waste as an alternative for firewood.
Kyikenyi Muslim Charitable Organisation
Leaf of hope is an inspirational site were we believe to spread the gospel to all the four corners of the world
LEAPS (Lamberts Elands Animal Protection Services)
LEAPS is a registered animal welfare organisation tending to the needs of animals in the townships of Elands Bay and Lamberts Bay up the West Coast, 220 kms from Cape Town, South Africa.
LGBT Voice Tanzania
LGBT VOICE is a national LGBT organization that promote, support, defend and protect the interests and the general well-being of Gay, Lesbians, bisexual and Transgender people in Tanzania.
LIA Trust
LIA stands for Love In Action. We're run by volunteers. Our vision is to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and provide basic job skills education so they can become contributing members of society, equipped with hope, dignity and self worth.
To care for, develop and enhance the quality of life, of persons with intellectual disability of all races and creeds entrusted to us, by providing with trust in Divine Providence and in co-operation with the parents, the community and the State the necessary spiritual, nursing, therapy and stimulation services
We are focusing on nine thematic areas of child protection and legal support, resilience and livelihood program, food security, Health and Nutrition, Elderly and children feeding support program, spiritual and talent development, Babies support program and G8 Round table carrier guidance. Your support is greatly felt.
La Voix des Femmes
Our mission is to amplify the voice of women to overcome challenges such as inequalities, injustices, discrimination, and advocate against all types of violence and struggles women encounter in their everyday life.
Ladles of Love
Ladles of Love has served nearly 25 million meals since March 2020. Restoring dignity and love is the essence of our organisation . We support community kitchens , schools , social entrepreneurs, and NPOs with food supplies, groceries allowing them to further reach out and touch the lives of the vulnerable .
Lady Mitz Foundation
Lady Mitz Foundation preserves, protects, provides and empowers Nigerian youths to change the future of Africa, one village at a time. Join our Team of Heroes saving and changing lives in Africa.
Lagan's Foundation
We provide home care and respite for families with children aged 0 – 19 years olds who have complex health needs, specialising in Congenital Heart Defects and/or Feeding difficulties across the North West of England. Bereavement to families with children aged 0 – 19 years old who have complex health issues.
Lake Bunyonyi Child Development Center
Welcome to Lake Bunyonyi Child Development Center, a registered community based organization located in Lake Bunyonyi, southwestern Uganda. The Orphanage was established in 2010 with the major aim of supporting and enhancing the wellbeing of orphans, teenage mothers, widows and vulnerable families.
Lakony Youth Foundation
Founded in 2020. After thoughtful consideration on the challenges facing the youth in northern Uganda Core values : Integrity, love, parental care, peace To extend parental care and empower vulnerable children Empower youth to be more productive. Loving family for every child. To promote equality, peace and unity.
Lanta Animal Welfare
Lanta Animal Welfare was founded by Junie Kovacs in 2005. Her mission was to end the suffering of the hundreds of homeless, abused and injured animals on Koh Lanta. To date, we have sterilised and treated more than 15,000 animals, and with your support we continue to grow, helping more and more animals each year.
Lea Rose Foundation
Our mission is to promote and educate the principles of the Constitution of South Africa through holistic upliftment and empowerment programmes/services to the most vulnerable people in communities.
Leamington Old Town CIC
We are a community Organisation and our main aim is to support the businesses and the community as a whole in the 'Old Town' side of Royal Leamington Spa. We do this by hosting a number of street events to attract visitors to shops and businesses. We also run a shop called Lott Bazaar selling local art and craft.
Leseding Centre For Psychiatric Adults
We were established in July 2015 to cater for people with mental illness disability. The main purpose of our organisation is to provide residential and therapeutic care for people with mental illnesses, who have been discharged from State or Private Psychiatric Hospitals. We support their resilience and recovery.
Let Us Feed A Family
“If you are in a position to help somebody in need, you do it.” Aunty Essie's Covid-19 campaign aims to help bring relief to families within communities, individuals who need it most, and relief for up to 2 weeks of essential food items.
Lethabo le Khutso Adult Care
We provide adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder a safe and secure environment, to accommodate an integrated alternative home centred living facility, offer a respite care service, and support lifelong learning, as well as working opportunities. This enhances their autonomy and quality of life experiences.
Life Changers Charity Organization
The heart that loves and the hand that gives will always be blessed. Help the children of Uganda to reach their basic needs including clothes, shelter, food and education. Thanks to all who sacrifice and provide to us the little you get May God bless and reward you abundantly.
Life Community Services
Mission :To see the heart of the community changed through the Gospel, treating all people with LOVE, DIGNITY AND RESPECT. Vision: To establish and provide integrated community-based services that strengthen disadvantaged families, create job opportunities, and help individuals to fulfil their God-given potential.
Life Hope Children Ministries
Life Hope Children Ministries Uganda is a non profit organization , which helps the orphans and vulnerable people the needy in Uganda Luweero District
Lifespace Trust
A mentoring charity offering inclusive, universal access for young people (YP) aged 9 - 19 who are facing tough times. Our trained & supervised mentors provide a safe and confidential space for our YP to tell their stories. Empathy & non-judgment help develop respectful relationships which supports resilience building.
Light Of Joy Ministry
We care for orphans and vulnerable children, widows, school dropouts and mothers in Kasese District, Uganda. Also less privileged people who have been victims of natural disasters in Kasese District, Uganda.
Likusasa Leftu Youth Development Centre
Assisting the poor children back to school for a better future, we try to get them all what they need to go back to school by paying their school fees, distribution of school bags, school sander, text book etc. The organization also help the less privileged & disabled with food, blankets & clothing
Lincoln Street Pastors
We're an inter-denominational church group who go out in Lincoln on a Fri/Sat evening betwn 10pm and 4am to help all unconditionally - simples