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Age UK Northumberland
To ensure older people enjoy later life. To support, enable and inspire older people to live well and thrive in our local community.
Animal Friends of Turkey
Animal Friends of Turkey was set up in May 2018 with the aim of rehoming abused and abandoned dogs rescued from the streets of Turkey. These are all dogs that without our intervention would have little or no future in Turkey. Unlike many we are prepared to take on the hardest cases in the hope of transforming lives.
Aurora Metro Arts and Media Ltd
We are a not-for-profit arts and education organisation dependent on grants and donations to carry out our projects. We champion diversity and equality through arts, education and media projects for the local community and beyond. We train volunteer, helping them with skills, confidence or a return to employment.
Back To Back Careers CIC
Back To Back Careers, a Community Interest Company Recruitment Service aimed at Military Personnel looking to enter the Civilian arena after completing their service to our country. Profits go towards providing pastoral care and support through organisations who are professionally equipped to help our brave soldiers.
Belvoir Cricket and Countryside Trust
We provide supported education for young people with Special Needs through sport & countryside activities. Developing healthy lifestyles, providing qualified coaching, volunteer training and hands-on coaching & administration experience.
Centric Community Projects
Centric Community Projects works with large and small charities & non-profit organisations across the UK to help them operate and develop by offering FREE space for their projects. We are also able to help new businesses created by the disadvantaged, to reduce their overheads and help them to become self sufficient.
Charity Buddy
Charity Buddy was created to help busy animal welfare organisations improve the ‘business’ aspects of their establishment, and our service is FREE!
Commonwealth Education Trust
We invest in teachers. The most impactful resource in classrooms across the world. The purpose of the Commonwealth Education Trust is to advance primary and secondary education in the Commonwealth.
Dragonfly Cancer Trust
Dragonfly Cancer Trust supports young palliative cancer patients throughout the U.K. We do this by offering Cash Gifts, Dragonfly Dreams and creative therapy.
Everyone in Health
Everyone in Health develops and delivers high quality resources, tools, and events to develop management, leadership and other associated skills of everyone involved in health and social care. We want to empower all to innovate, improve and develop services for the benefit of service users.
Forces Online CIO
Forces Online CIO is a Cross-Border Military Charity. We support Veteran's and their families wherever we can. Our three main services are our signposting and social media network on and out Veterans Virtualhub service open daily online, and out Welfare Service available on our website.
Gateway Northeast
We work with an incredible group of children, young people and families, enabling them to access all sorts of activities. 70% of our workers and volunteers have some kind of disability - and we are so proud of what we have achieved so far.
HOPE Charity
Based in Chester le Street, HOPE is a registered charity, originally set up to support our local homeless and poverty-stricken community. Since Covid, we are evolving to expand our help and support to a wider audience, to include the elderly, disadvantaged and lonely, along with our Street Friends, the homeless.
Harrow Carers
An independent voluntary organisation and the lead carers support agency in Harrow. Since 1996, we have developed a network of services and support for carers to reduce the burden and increase the life chances of unpaid carers who provide support for people in the community who are ill, frail disabled and disadvantaged
Help A Squaddie
Our aim is to help develop the capacity and skills of the socially and economically disadvantaged community of ex-military and their families within the Staffordshire and South Derbyshire area. We run regular drop in sessions and offer Mental health/Housing/Drink and Drug addiction support.
Helpful Hounds Assistance Dogs
Helpful Hounds Assistance Dogs is a Charity that helps to change the lives of young people and their families, living within Southern England. Our objective is to help the person we support to achieve their maximum potential, whether that is educationally, socially or with work opportunities.
Hope 4 Kidz
Hope 4 Kidz was established to give children and young people a sense of hope for their future. The aim of Hope 4 Kidz is to support the well-being of children and young people suffering from a physical or mental disability.
Hull Remembers The Hull People's Memorial
Hull Remembers raised The Hull People's Memorial in May 2018. We're now refocusing on educational aims, providing a research service to schools, colleges and lifelong learners from all walks of life. We provide a free city-centre museum and research centre with an extensive library and document repository.
Increasingly, veterans return from service to find they do not have the support network and resources to meet their most basic needs. Hull 4 Heroes aim to ensure that their transition back into civilian life and regular employment is as seamless as possible.
Jeshurun charitable trust
Children constitute a large percentage of the population and A child should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love, guidance and understanding! A child’s physical and mental development, require they receive care in regard to physical, mental, moral and social development. We help to provide that.
35 Lowland Search and Rescue Volunteers all highly trained on call 24/7, 365 days by Police to search for vulnerable missing persons. Teams are CasCare trained and we have specialists for river bank searches. We need funds to buy all the equipment for our teams and run our vehicles. We are the ONLY LSAR team in Wales.
Newcastle upon Tyne Dog and Cat Shelter and Animal Sanctuary
Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter was established in 1896 and helps thousands of lost, unwanted, neglected, abused and abandoned animals every year. Our objective is the promotion of kindness and prevention of cruelty to animals. We reunite lost animals with their owners and find loving new homes for those no longer wanted
Ovacome, ovarian cancer charity
Ovacome is the national UK ovarian cancer charity focused on providing support to anyone affected by ovarian cancer. This includes people who have either been diagnosed with the disease or think that they might be at risk, as well as their friends and family and healthcare professionals.
PATT Foundation
PATT Foundation currently works to campaign for better environmental practices take action against climate change implement small to medium tree planting projects as well as set up tree nurseries, provide environmental education. The charity also supports veterans welfare via nature based therapy courses and engagement
PIE Project
We make the connection between education and the world of work, enabling young people to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed.
Red Sky Foundation
The Red Sky Foundation raises vital funds and awareness to help provide cardiac care for babies, children and now adults with heart problems from across the North East of England and beyond.
Safe and Free
Safe and Free wants to build a sustainable and effective charity to allow us to continue on our path ​preventing human trafficking and modern slavery in todays society by using innovating and evolving technology, business and investigative skills.
St Mary's College
St Mary’s College exists to help parents and carers to educate young people spiritually, morally, physically and academically as well as possible. We aim to be a truly Christian community, where our relationships are built on encouragement, concern, respect, forgiveness and reconciliation.
Street Storage
Our work is dedicated to providing storage units across London that allow people experiencing homelessness physical respite from carrying their belongings. We also provide those with longer-term storage needs the peace of mind they so often cannot find while living in poverty.
Suicide Awareness / Prevention UK
Suicide Awareness/Prevention UK is a CIC organisation, built to support people experiencing mental health problems. SAPUK offers a unique one-to-one chat service and leads campaigns related to improving mental health and suicide prevention. We have self funded for 5 years, we can now no longer financially support ✌
TAMBUA UTU Foundation
TAMBUA UTU foundation is a non-governmental organization that advocates for the rights of people with disabilities (PWD’s). The foundation is seeking to ensure PWD’s rights are equally guaranteed and they are able to access and explore livelihood opportunities and flourish without discrimination in Tanzania.
Take Away The Tears
Take Away The Tears was set up to help those rescue dogs most in need to get a second chance at a life in which they are looked after and loved. All funds raised are used to help neglected, abused and abandoned rescue dogs and cats in Cyprus.
The Brigitte Trust
The Brigitte Trust is an independent registered charity offering a free service of emotional support and practical help from trained and supported volunteers. The service is for adults and their carers living in every Surrey borough and facing the challenges of life-limiting conditions including cancer, Motor neurone Disease and Multiple sclerosis.
The Firefighters Charity
The Fire Fighters Charity offers specialist, lifelong support for members of the UK fire services community, empowering individuals to achieve mental, physical and social wellbeing throughout their lives.
The Kids Network
The Kids Network is a community of children and young professionals connecting through fun, friendship and hardship for positive social change.
The Village
Championing human potential. A Village of people and places sharing craft, stories and wonder. Working with Journey to The Village to bring safety and support; helping to launch sustainable micro-economies around the world and of course, the UK.
Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action
We are the local VCS Infrastructure Organisation for Warwickshire & Solihull, providing vital support to the volunteers, groups, organisations, enterprises and charities who are working to strengthen all of our communities across the region. We are committed to providing all of our services locally and accessibly.
Wear Rivers Trust
WRT rehabilitates and conserves land and water across the Wear catchment, increasing awareness and understanding of the river and its wildlife, promoting the river for the enjoyment of all. The Trust operates locally, but has a national and international voice, addressing environmental degradation and climate change.
Young Womens Outreach Project
The Young Women's Outreach Project was established in 1992 to provide a specialist service to young women aged 11 to 19 years across in the North East of England. We work with young women and young mothers/ parents supporting and guiding them through crises in their lives.

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