Charity Registration Terms and Conditions

There are no charges or contract period when registering as a charity or community interest company on the CharitySaver website, however there are certain conditions, which we have set out below.

In the context of this document, the words “charity” and “charities” refer equally to a charity or a Community Interest Company (CIC)

  1. CharitySaver makes no guarantee as to the number, or value of donations the charity may receive via the CharitySaver website.
  2. Charities that list on the CharitySaver website are expected to make their membership known to their supporters via their website and normal communication methods. To aid them in this respect they are allowed to display the CharitySaver Member logo on their website and CharitySaver will supply, on request, draft social media templates for the charity to use or adapt. The charity is unlikely to receive the full fundraising benefit of the CharitySaver website if it does not direct donors to the website.
  3. To aid with point 2 above, CharitySaver will shortly be offering its listed charities a donation link that can be installed on their own website so that all donations they receive can benefit from the ultra low card processing fee (00.75%) available from CharitySaver.
  4. Where the charity does not attract, or seek to attract donors, CharitySaver reserves the right to remove the charity from its listing in order to concentrate attention on those charities that are actively seeking to raise donations.
  5. CharitySaver will carry out marketing to attract new donors to the site, but as CharitySaver has international reach it does not warrant, guarantee nor accept any obligation that such marking will attract donations to any specific charity listed on the site. Attracting donors and donations to take full benefit of listing on the CharitySaver site, and the financial savings therein, shall remain the responsibility of the charity.
  6. It is the responsibility of the charity to ensure that it’s information is current, and to make any changes necessary via the charities dashboard. In respect of donations paid, CharitySaver cannot accept any responsibility where the charity has provided incorrect bank details, or failed to advise of any change in bank details.
  7. In the event of a donation payment being made to an wrong bank account due to incorrect bank information being supplied by the charity; CharitySaver will attempt to recover the monies from the bank, but shall bear no liability should the monies be unrecoverable. Should monies go to a wrong account, not owned by the charity, as a result of an error by CharitySaver, then CharitySaver will replace such monies to the charity regardless of any recovery attempt made to said bank account.
  8. CharitySaver will pay donations collected, less any applicable card processing fees, to the charity on a twice monthly basis, subject to a de-minimus level of £100. Where donations are under the de-minimus amount, such donations will be rolled over to the next payment period until the amount due for payment has reached or exceeded the de-minimus amount. In the month of December there will be only one payment of donations collected for the charity due to the Christmas holiday period.
  9. Where you engage a service provider for goods or services via our enquiry form or via CharitySaver by any other means, any resulting agreement/contract is between yourselves and the said service provider. In the event of any dispute CharitySaver is happy to mediate but shall not incur any liability in respect of the transaction(s) between the charity and the service provider and any such mediation shall be at the discretion of CharitySaver and without legal liability.
  10. CharitySaver offers donors the opportunity to buy a virtual voucher, in order to direct their donation(s) to cover a particular expense (service provider costs) nominated by the charity. Whilst these are not protected funds, they are not automatically included in the twice monthly payment to the charity. Instead they are held on behalf of the charity until the charity either: directs us to pay the monies, in full or part, to a service provider who has invoiced the charity, or until the charity directs CharitySaver to pay the monies to the charity.
  11. Where a charity requires CharitySaver to make Gift Aid claims on their behalf, it is the responsibility of the charity to ensure that the necessary tax account information is supplied to CharitySaver in advance.
  12. CharitySaver applies an ethical standard to charities that list on the CharitySaver website. We do not accept discrimination of age, race or gender, neither do we accept actions designed to restrict or remove free speech. CharitySaver reserves the right to remove a charity from listing on our site where we believe it has acted contrary to our ethical standard.

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