Charity Spotlight-1


Making Water safe to drink

Triple-P is a South Africa based Non-Profit Company that focuses on holistic solutions that addresses social, economic and environmental issues in underserved communities, including schools.
Our mission is to empower communities to build social, economic and environmental resilience through ecosystem restoration, environmental skills development, curriculum liked education, conservation and access to water, and enterprise development initiatives.
Our Water for Tomorrow Programme has launched a new project aiming at increasing drinking water availability and addressing poor drinking water quality in schools. The scholars in the town of Hammanskraal are subjected to drinking unsafe water. The local dam that provides this town with drinking water is contaminated by pollution from the upstream system. What is supposed to be clean water coming from the taps in this town is deemed undrinkable and unsafe for human consumption.
This poses long-term effects on the children’s health due to daily consumption of unsafe water. To address this problem, we provide water purification systems to schools to purify their own water and ensure it is safe for consumption. We also provide water tanks to schools to increase the capacity of clean drinking water.
Our school education initiative is linked to the teaching curriculum to enhance learners’ water conservation and quality knowledge. The learners participate in water quality testing activities and use the data to voice their concerns about the poor quality of the water.