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CharitySaver provides support to charities and non-profits all around the world, from some of the smallest right through to some of the largest household name charities. We help these charities by providing a host of free and subsidised services, including the cheapest way to fundraise online and, unlike big fundraising platforms, we do not charge membership or site fees (click here to compare our fees against fundraising platforms fees)

With our help charities work to transform the lives of thousands of people (and animals) every single day, Feeding the homeless, helping the aged, supporting those hit by tragedy, researching cures for cancer and disease, providing love and homes for animals, protecting the environment, educating children, supporting victims of abuse – the list is endless, but you can help also, by choosing to make your donations and fundraising via and cutting your charity’s fundraising costs by up to 70%

Despite all of the charities we help however, CharitySaver does not receive any Government Funding, and relies on your donations to support our work.