CharitySaver’s Marketing Approach

What do we do as a charity specialist marketing agency?

Contrary to popular belief, the charity market is highly competitive. There are plenty of initiatives achieving incredible things. Employing us as your acting charity specialist marketing agency will help you in the communication of your message, but we can also serve methods in which attrition is minimised while increasing the loyalty and support of your cause and its audience. 

Not only do we specialise in both online and offline strategies to craft core messaging and design that communicates the fine print of what you do, but we also ensure that you get the most out of our specialist marketing approach that turns you into a sought-after charity. 

What else do we do as a charity specialist marketing agency?

We’ll be catering to a very specific niche where design and messaging is aimed at effective emotional donor communications. And since you require action, our proven track record in the charity sector does exactly what you need. 

From donor communications strategy to one-off campaign and event initiatives, we can help you achieve great results. Branding, design, charity concepts and copy, web, email marketing, social media, publications and donor communications are all part of the mix.

Supporting your charity communications

A compelling message and eye-catching design that connect with your audience are essential. In preparing an integrated campaign there’s a lot to consider; creative that gets to the heart of the cause, copy that evokes the right response, endorsements, and data capturing tools, involvement, monitoring response, identifying trends – these are all weaved into the communications that you will need to help you rise above the rest. 

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