Donation Support For Charities

Our Vision:

CharitySaver seeks to be a world leader in donation support for charities and non-profit organisations dedicated to bringing positive social change to people around the world.

Our Mission:

As a provider of donation support for charities, CharitySaver assists charities outside the United Kingdom with fundraising for UK supporters so they may maximise their income from UK supporters, as well as simplify the donation process for UK donors to non-UK charities.

As a charitable organisation, we aim to create a significant amount of positive vibration in society and to contribute to shaping the lives of underdeveloped people and giving them a reason to live with human dignity.

What Does It Mean To Take On Donation Support For Charities?

An organisation with a purpose defined in law as charitable – and exclusively benefiting the public – is considered a charity. Consequently, a charity must be defined as charitable under one of several categories, such as preventing or helping to relieve poverty. An organisation must have a sole charitable purpose.

It can’t, for example, make a profit or work on something that can’t be considered charitable, or benefit someone privately. It must clearly benefit the public, or a significant segment thereof.

Donation Support For Charities: Legal Obligations

  • Registering with the Charity Commission requires charities to state their charitable objectives and how they plan to achieve them in their annual reports to the Commission, which are then made public.
  • Any charitable activity must support the charitable purposes of the organisation.
  • Charities are governed by a board of trustees, a group of volunteers. It is rare for trustees to be paid, but the Charity Commission allows trustees to be paid in some special circumstances.