Donor Club

We believe that donors are the unsung heroes for charities as without your generosity many charities would not exist. With that in mind we created the CharitySaver donor club – designed to reap rewards, generate extra money to donate to charities, receive discounts, opportunities to earn cashback, and build an income.

Rewarding donors has become an integral part of our objectives and we are constantly looking to add services and benefits for our donor club members as we go; making CharitySaver the best way to donate to charity, and an inexpensive outcome for initiatives to raise money.

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What is the difference between just donating and being a Donor Club member?

BenefitsBasic DonorDonor Club PersonalBusinesses & Organisations
Monthly membership feeFREE£2.85£8.99
Net donation received by charity99.25%100%99.50%****
Choose to fund charity costs
Gift Aid your donationsn/a
Dashboard to manage your donations and benefits
Access record of your donations
Information to claim Tax relief on your donations
Certificate of giving (per donation)
Access to discounted services from our registered supplier companies
Cashback servicesn/a
Your own “charity account” to hold “cashback” funds until you want to donate or withdraw themComing summer 2021***
Generate income from any use of your personal data*Coming summer 2021**n/a
FREE data management servicesn/a
Discounted data cleansing servicesn/a
Discounted media and TV advertisingn/a
Discounted digital marketingn/a
Display the CharitySaver Member Logo on your websiten/a
Staff Incentives and Perksn/a
* estimated average value £200+ per year
** expected to be in place by mid summer
*** expected to be in place by late summer
**** donations over £2,500 paid by corporate card are charged at 1.25% due to the high card fees we have to pay for corporate card transactions

You do not have to join to make donations on CharitySaver, but both you and your charity may be missing out on exceptional opportunities, so please consider joining us today.

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