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Prossy’s March for my planet

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    Seeds for Uganda’s Prossy Namande is a climate activist and participating for the first time in an international conference.
    #MarchForOurPlanet #COP27
    Starting September 21st on the International Day of Nonviolence, with a march from the headquarters of UN Environment Programme, UNEP, in Kenya, Nairobi,walking for the planet,to the start of the United Nations’ 27th Climate Change Conference in Egypt, Sharm El-Sheik November 8th: UNFCCC COP 27 Sustainability plus education, urgently needs financial support to be able to join the March For Our Planet from #Uganda, giving African activists for sustainability a greater voice. Any sum helps! To bring more awareness, to more people, globally, for:Climate Justice,Social Justice,Nonviolent Economy March For Our Planet is a campaign centered on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) globally, along with other multilateral environmental agreements, such as the Climate UNFCCC and Biodiversity (CBD) processes. March For Our Planet’s will be set both globally and within Africa, basing a caravan-foot march style initiative across different African countries ahead of the Conference of the Parties 27th meeting in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt, 2022.Basic human needs should be the priority of governments, particularly if industrial development involves adverse consequences such as mass dispossession from lands, loss of remunerative prices for small farmers, contamination of water bodies, and so on. The acquisition of unlimited resources for production is in direct relation to the climate crisis. The government needs to balance development interventions in such a way that people, not profit, are the determining factor.Water, Food Systems, Migration and Poverty. Each affecting each other and increasingly.Thus, COP 27 represents one in many of the critical international processes this year that must be ensured as successful.” The March for our Planet succeeds this through creating awareness, capacity building and incorporating mobilizing strategies both on a�policy basis, but also working on the local community basis to highlight local initiatives that communities are doing within their own capacities to address climate change, poverty, biodiversity loss, desertification, pollution prevention, food security and further topics. Here are some words from some of Prossy Namande’s recent work with #SeedsForUganda :” Collected some soil three weeks ago and added goat , chicken and pig wastes and just to day added plaintain peels and eggshells, some dry leaves and mixed every thing together with some ash to help incorporate air into the soil before adding seedlings since rain season is here now. The only thing we have to do to have more plastic bottle gardening fences in the school is to buy the required materials like the wood, nails, strings and catering for the welfare of the four volunteers helping out with the running of the activities. Would like to run these activities in August but can’t since we don’t have materials…. Any thing small or big will help to make a change in thus school and also motivate more people online to practice small plastic bottle gardening fences in their households to help fend off the house hold hunger…” #SeedsForUganda #FridaysForFuture #FFF #ClimateEmergency#     #MFOP#

Date Tuesday 4th of October 2022
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