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Save lives 3025 children U5yr & 1,360 PLW in Yemen

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Food insecurity and malnutrition are the main drivers behind the number of people in need. 16.2 million people will go hungry this year (Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) Phase 3 or higher). This includes 5 million people facing emergency conditions (IPC Phase 4) and nearly 50,000 who were already experiencing catastrophe conditions (IPC Phase 5). Over 2.25 million cases of children aged 0 to 59 months, and more than a million pregnant and lactating women are projected to suff.

7,400,000 people, nearly a quarter of the entire population, are malnourished, many acutely so. Acute malnutrition rates exceed the WHO emergency threshold of 15 percent in five governorates and close to 30 percent of all districts record critical levels of malnutrition. Two million malnourished children under five and 1.1 million PLW require urgent treatment to survive. This project will reducing the number of deaths among 3025 children U5 years, 1360 PLW as a result of malnutrition.

Strengthen and scale up current activities to cover whole targeted area which will save lives of 3,025 Children (under five) U5 & 1,360 (PLWs) through health center and community health volunteers (CHVs) for poor families who can’t reach to the health center. 1. Treatment of MAM among children U5 years, PLW and other vulnerable groups under TSFP 2. Prevention of SAM and MAM under BSFP: blanket supplementary feeding programme (BSFP): 3. Prevention of SAM and referral SAM with complications.

POTENTIAL LONG-TERM IMPACTThe project will reduction of excess morbidity and mortality caused by malnutrition amongst 3,025 children U5 years of age and 1,360 pregnant and lactating women (plw). Allowing the vulnerable people to rise out of the malnutrition as well as improve their nutrition and health as well as well-being. This project works to address the malnutrition situation among children for more than 10,800 poor families and affected by the war. And protect children from the negative effects of malnutrition.

Date Friday 10th of February 2023
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