Fundraising Costs

Cost Comparison

CharitySaver has been built from the ground up to provide charities with the cheapest way to raise donations (along with our many other services) and, unlike the vast majority of fundraising platforms, we do not make a profit out of donations (from either charities or donors)

The chart below shows exactly why you should use for your fundraising… there are no “extra” charges (membership, site fees etc) to drain money away from the charity, no inflated card transaction fees, and we don’t ask the donor for a 10-15% “contribution” (unlike a certain well known fundraising platform we could mention).

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Card Processing Fees
Added Fees & Charges

Unlike fundraising sites CharitySaver does NOT add extra charges or inflated card fees to take money from charities, nor do we ask donors to add a big "contribution" for ourselves (unlike certain well known fundraising platforms we could mention).

The above chart is based on costs for a charity collecting £80,000 + gift aid per year (shorter bar is best).

Fees And Charges

CharitySaver does not make ANY charge for charities/non-profits to register and use our site, now do we make any charge for fundraising.

With CharitySaver a charity only pays the actual % fee charged by the card processing company (unlike many fundraising platforms who inflate this fee to 1.9% or more). Because donors can elect to cover this fee it means that many charities using CharitySaver receive 100% of donations and on average all charities will receive over 99% of any donation, compared to as little as 88% for donations made via some major fundraising platforms (see above chart for details)

Example cost calculation on a £1,000 donation

Donation:…………£ 1,000.00

Card fees…………£       11.90

Fixed fee:…………..£       0.25

Gift Aid:………………£   250.00

Net to Charity: £ 1,237.85