Google Grant Specialists

The Google Grant is $120,000 (approx £100,000) per year of free advertising for your charity… ensuring that your charity/cause(s) gets means more attention, donations and volunteers.

CharitySaver's Google Grants team are the experts in Google Grants - so far the charities we have operated the Google Grant for have benefited from over $5 million in free advertising, and that figure is increasing rapidly.

From the start, you're looked after by professionals who know the intricate requirements of Google Ads and the Google Grant. David, who overseas our team, helped launch Google Grants for Google and has administered grants for WaterAid, UNHCR, Global Giving, Oxfam and hundreds of smaller non-profits … you get better results using the system designer than you will by using someone who has had to learn the basics of the system to operate it (digital marketing agencies for example)

Administering Google grants is technical and most charities do not have the time, and fewer (including agencies) have the expertise to get the full benefit of the Google Grant. CharitySaver does, and our direct access to Google management also enables us to sort any problems quickly.

Along with all these advantages of CharitySaver's Google Grants service is also another - We are also usually a far cheaper option than using the less experienced Marketing Agencies that offer a Google Grants "service"

Look at this example: In just two weeks a brand new Google Grant for a charity has delivered 1,508 visits to the charity's website and generated $2,266 of advertising… all free… and the first 4-6 weeks are usually the slowest, with the poorest results! … If we assume that just 1 in 5 visitors make a donation (with the average being $30) then that means an extra $9,000 donated to that charity in just 2 weeks (potentially an extra $235,000 donated over a year) and that's just at the start!

CharitySaver's Google Grant Service.

We do the following so you don't have to:

  • We register you for the grant and help secure it. if you have a dormant account we can help re-activate it.
  • We set up your ad campaign, based on your priorities and targets..
  • We report progress on your account each month*.
  • We constantly update and optimise your campaigns to maximise the results from your grant.

*Please note: due to the nature of the Google Grants system, results in the first month or 2 are likely to be quite low as numerous keywords will need to be tried to gain the best engagement. For this reason we do not normally provide results for these months unless requested.

Benefits to your charity.

Using this free advertising, you can promote:

  • Your mission or cause online
  • Increase the donations you receive
  • Call for volunteers
  • Aid staff recruitment
  • Advertise events and fundraising

Email us at: or to start your Google Grant or to find out more.