Google Grant Specialist

How We Serve You As A Google Grant Specialist

The google Grant is $10,000 (approx £7,300) per month a free advertising for your charity… ensuring that your charity/cause(s) is seen at the top of Google searches. This in turn means more attention, donations and volunteers for your charity.

Our unique skill-set and range of services will allow you to utilise the perks of Google Grants and as a Grantee, you can expect optimal results from an agency relationship with us. From the start, you will be working with our CharitySaver professionals who speak the intricate language of Google Ads and who understand your objectives as a charity. We also have direct links with Google at management level so we can press your case if necessary, getting failed applications reviewed/accepted and accounts re-activated.

With 4 easy methods, we can build a brand campaign for your charity, this means every time someone types in your charity name you will appear. We can pin down keywords that trigger your ads every time someone looks for a charity or NPO to donate money to or sign up for volunteer work.

  • Google Ad Grant Applications: Setting up your Google Ad Grant with a few campaigns is part of the application process you need to initiate if your charity hasn’t made use of Google Ads before.
  • Google Ad Grant Support: To maintain your account you must follow the Google Ad Grants account management policy. If your account has fallen out of compliance, we are always here to help you get back on track.
  • Google Ad Grant Management: Together we’ll plan around your goals and develop an ad strategy. Each month* you’ll get a report that highlights your performance and results.
  • Google Ad Grant Training: We run practical strategy sessions for marketing and communications staff to get Google Ad Grant training so they can manage all our accounts in-house.
  • Google Ads are showcased next to Google search results when someone actively looks for non-profits and charities, and as a qualifying candidate, you are eligible for a Google Ads Grant to the value of $10,000 each month. 

Whether you are starting Google Grants for the first time, or just want to optimise your results on an existing Google grant, our subsidised fees are almost always the cheapest option, costing at around half of the average fee charged by other (less connected) agencies.

*Please note: due to the nature of the Google Grants system, results in the first month (and even month 2) are likely to be quite low as numerous keywords will need to be tried to gain the best engagement. For this reason we do not normally provide results for the first month unless requested.

Email us at: or to start your Google Grant or to find out more.