Launching in May 2021

Working with Charities over the years, we have listened to their concerns and it is increasingly apparent today that many continue to share the same frustrations; This is our answer.

  1. We increase our UK Charity Member donor bases by rewarding their supporters through our donor benefits club. One of the ways we achieve this is by providing them with access to a fifty plus list of discounted services through our Cashback programme.
  2. UK Charities currently receive (after costs) an average 70 pence for every pound donated, our Charity Members get a guaranteed average more than 99 pence for every pound donated. CharitySaver can save the entire UK Charity Sector £4Billion a year. Fundraising costs that are usually paid for by the Charities, namely, Marketing, (Google Grants), Donation collection costs and Transaction fees for donations are all included in our programme for Charities at ‘nil cost.’
  3. We provide two optional packages from our list of approved service providers. One for Donors to use and the other for Charity members in our programme. Both boost the value of the digital donations, usually, incredibly, to over 100 pence in the pound. We achieve this by using rebated Donor discounts and a unique service provider guarantee protecting the original donation for Charities.
  4. We attract Corporate Sponsorship for the benefit of both our CharitySaver programme and our Charity members by providing a unique national fundraising programme that saves UK Charities Billions of Pounds in donation costs.
  5. We acquire and manage Google Ad Grants of $10,000 a month for our charity members. This means, or a small admin fee and with guidance from the Charities regarding their own objectives online; we provide the expertise for them.

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