Large donations

In order for you o make large donations (£5,000+) directly via bank transfer (or wallet, for cryptocurrency payments) rather than by debit or credit card, we need the information below for the receiving charity/non-profit.

Please note that, for your security, this information requested in the form is NOT retained online at any point, and is removed from on our offline systems when the payment has cleared.

Enter your preferred contact email address here
We need your address in order to answer any money laundering questions the bank may make
If paying with cryptocurrency please enter the number of coins, not the current value
If you wish to make any comments or provide additional information, please enter it here
*"Illicit or immoral means" includes (but is not restricted to): Animal Testing, Arms Trading, Drug Dealing or the (non-prescription) sale of addictive substances, Gambling, Prostitution, Puppy Farming and Weapons Manufacturing. We regret that we can only accept applications where both confirmation statements have been checked/accepted by you.

Please note that receiving bank details (or cryptocurrency wallet as applicable) will be supplied to you when we have processed your completed form

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