Our Story

CharitySaver was born in the midst of the Covid pandemic when charities were suffering as never before, and unable to utilise most of the traditional fundraising methods they had previously relied on.

Faced with Covid restraints and national lockdowns, charities have turned to online fundraising platforms, most of which make their money by taking a big bite out of the donations made to the charities. Now, since charities need all the money they can get, that got us thinking on how we could make fundraising free for charities? and getting rid of the charges made by the existing fundraising sites… removing annual fees, listing fees, site fees, and even the excessive card fees.

The result is CharitySaver. For the first time charities can fundraise online, and donors make donations, both secure in the knowledge that the charity will get at least 99.25% of each donation. But we did not stop there, we have added on a wide range of services, both free and discounted, to cut a charity’s costs, and found a way to reward donors for their generosity. Fundraising for, and donating to, charity has evolved and that evolution is CharitySaver.

Our Mission

CharitySaver aims to make fundraising a zero cost option for charities, removing all costs that can be removed and offsetting non removable costs with free and discounted services in order to effectively deliver over 102 pence for every £1 donated. At the same time we aim to reward donors for their generosity and support given to our charity members.

Meet the Team

Les Robinson

A Quaker entrepreneur and former trustee of a £7m p.a charity, Les has 40 years business experience with a history of introducing industry disrupting business models, and has built multiple successful businesses since starting his first business as a teenager.

The first to introduce fixed price billing to the accountancy profession , he is now evolving the fundraising industry via CharitySaver so that, for the first time ever, fundraising can become a zero cost option for a charity, potentially saving the UK charity sector alone a massive £4.7 Billion every year.

Ian Richardson

Ian has enjoyed a career as a UK Newspaper Publisher within Mainstream media and also successfully launched and overseen the growth of 5 National Magazines, in print, and of course digital.

He has always supported Charities with Press Releases and New Initiatives that have helped raise funds and awareness.

Ian firmly believes that Zero fundraising costs is just the start of what Charities should expect.

He truly aspires to utilise his experience, to contribute to this initiative, and believes, “We only have what we give.”

Nick Petford

Professor Nick Petford is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Northampton and Chair of Procurement UK. Nick is a former Royal Society University Research Fellow and Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. A geologist by training, Nick has worked in industry (BP) and on academic and commercial research projects throughout the world.

He has held visiting research appointments at the Universities of Michigan and Vermont (USA) and NASA and is currently visiting professor at Macquarie University, Australia. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School. Nick has recently relocated to New York to lead OC&C office there.