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Completely Free (may be subject to local availability and a waiting period)

Charities only

Event Fundraising Pages

Free to set up and use, you only pay the banks card processing charges which we have negotiated to an incredibly low rate so you receive over 99% of the donation, and your donors can choose to cover that cost so you receive 100% of the donations made. Furthermore we do not penalise donors with a hefty 10%+ “contribution” charge, unlike some well known fundraising sites!

Charities and Community Interest organisations only.

Low cost donations

Automatically available to you on registration. The code to put a donate button on your own website is included at the bottom of your dashboard (dashboard displayed when you log-in) – for information on how to install this click here

Charities & CIC’s only

Google Grant

Worth $10,000 per month (£7,400) the Google grant is available to most charities but can be complex to obtain and difficult to retain. Our team is highly experienced and includes a former senior member of Google’s Google Grants team. We also have a direct link with Google management.

Oh, we forgot to add; whilst our experience and contacts beat any other agency, our fees are also typically 50% less as well… Best price as well as best choice. Click here for more information

Available to charities only (Google may apply some restrictions on country and charity type)

Digital Marketing

There are hundreds, if not thousands of businesses offering digital marketing services, but few have the worldwide reach and full marketing agency range of services that we can supply, or our experience in providing services to charities, councils, universities, schools, businesses etc.

It also helps that our fees are 20%-30% cheaper on average than most other marketing agencies. Click here for more information.

Charities, Education, Councils, CIC’s, Businesses


Reducing your Telecom costs by up to 50%

Charities, CIC’s, Councils, Universities and Businesses


Whilst the energy cap applies to residential energy supplies, there is no cap for commercial supplies. This means that, for any business Charity or other body with a commercial contract, energy costs are likely to rise sharply once that contract ends.

Via our partners we are able to mitigate that rise considerably… helping you to manage costs and to avoid potential problems.

Charities, Education, CIC’s, Councils, Businesses

Broadband & VOIP

Reduce your broadband/VOIP costs by up to 40%. Also… fixed landlines are being replaced with VOIP services for the Uk over the next couple of years – find out how this affects you and the options available to you.

Charities, CIC’s, Councils, Universities and Businesses

Website Audit

A free service to check your website is working properly and optimised, good for any organisation but essential if you are a charity looking to have the Google Grant.

Charities, CIC’s, Councils, Universities and Businesses

Website Design and/or Maintenance