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Completely free (may be subject to geographical limits, local availability and a waiting period)

Google Aid Grant - hands


Google Grant


Worth $10,000 per month (£7,400) the Google grant is available to most charities but can be complex to obtain and difficult to retain. Our team is highly experienced and includes a former senior member of Google’s Google Grants team. We also have a direct link with Google management.

Oh, we forgot to add; whilst our experience and contacts beat any other agency, our fees are also typically 50% less as well… Best price as well as best choice.

Event Fundraising Pages

Free to set up and use, you only pay the banks card processing charges which we have negotiated to an incredibly low rate so you receive over 99% of the donation, and your donors can choose to cover that cost so you receive 100% of the donations made. Furthermore we do not penalise donors with a hefty 10%+ “contribution” charge, unlike some well known fundraising sites!

Low cost website design, build and hosting

It’s hard to stand out online if you don’t have a welcoming website for your supporters to visit. We get it, you need to be careful with money, that’s why we provide a high quality solution at a very hard to beat price (usually saving you around 50% compared to “for-profit” agencies)… and you can add on as many email addresses as your charity needs.

Our experienced team can build a professional website for your organisation or improve what you already have, from local to international sized organisations, from small to large websites and from simple to complex ones… whatever your needs we can build a site to meet your requirements and your budget

Rewards for your Charity Volunteers

You do great work, but so do your staff and volunteers… how about rewarding them with some free breaks (breakfast usually included)

Website Audit

A free service to check your website is working properly and optimised, good for any organisation but essential if you are a charity looking to have the Google Grant.

Attract Volunteers

CharitySaver’s global audience and links with Charities, Universities, Foundations, Government bodies and other organisations around the world puts us in a great position to help you attract volunteers for your charity/non-profit

Worldwide Audience

Take advantage of CharitySaver’s global audience and social media following to increase the profile of your charity, and bring in donations from around the world.