Strategies to Consider for Charities

Now more than ever, it’s imperative to remain relevant in the digital world and to weather the storm, your charity must continue its efforts to support the vulnerable, but when facing unprecedented challenges in the current climate, just over one in five people may end up donating money to charity, while 3% are prioritising local charities. 

When considering these numbers, allocating funds for advertising may seem like a stretch. However, relying on advertising for charities will prove to be an investment in the long run when done right. So, what are some of the channel’s charities we can help you utilise to drive your digital advertising efforts to new heights?

1. Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

This may seem extravagant, but luckily, this can be very cost-effective for your charity as Google offers the chance to advertise completely for free through its Google Ad Grants programme. Eligible charities can get $10,000 (around £7,500) each month to spend towards Google PPC advertising.

2. Showcase Your Charity Value

It’s no secret that people wish to see where their money goes and what it does. Showcasing what their money equates to for your charity goes a long way. Turn your donation amounts into a tangible resource that is visible from your website. 

3. Social Media Advertising

This concept is nothing new, but there is a massive surge in advertising for charities that take to the likes of Instagram to share their improved method of messaging, ad copy and Call To Actions – all working in their favour. 

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