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Find out how CharitySaver grows a charity’s income, increases the donor base and helps charities cut costs, whatever their size. Here’s a few of the hundreds of charities that have joined our initiative.

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CharitySaver is so much more than just fundraising; find out what we and our charities are doing to make the world a better place.

Why donating via CharitySaver makes a real difference to your charity

Fundraising platform costs for a charity collecting £80,000 p.a

CharitySaver Basic
Just Giving
Virgin Money Giving
The Big Give
Local Giving
Global Giving
Site Fees
Gift Aid Fee
Donation Fee
Card Fees

Donating via CharitySaver ensures your donation goes to the charity, not greedy fundraising site fees

Fees based on £80,000 collected in donations of £40

Site Fees Gift Aid Fee Donation Fee Card Fees Total Fee
CharitySaver Basic£0£0£0£840£840
Just Giving£562£1000£0£1920£3482
Virgin Money Giving£180£0£1600£2000£3780
The Big Give£0£800£3200£0£4000
Local Giving£96£0£4000£3400£7496
Global Giving£0£2000£8000£0£10000

Additional services available

CharitySaver is so much more than just another fundraising site, we provide a growing range of free or discounted services for both charities and donors.

The full range is available to you via your charity or donor club dashboard, but we have listed a small selection below.

Google Grants for Charities
Tech Support
Marketing and TV Advertising
Light & Heat
Free data audit plus Data Management services
Free donor profling for charities
Web Chat Services
Free workspace, retail and storage space
Charity Fundraising Consultancy


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