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From January 2023 onwards we will be regularly posting tips, advice, where to get Charity Grants and more. Our latest post will display below… just click Here to read the full article.

We are THE Google Grant specialists. Charitysaver has a direct link to Google management and our specialist team includes Googles original grants team leader, so you are getting the professor, not just a student.
Contact us now to benefit from the $120,000 Google Grant for your charity.


Fundraising is the life blood of charities. Click on the button to see all of the events currently underway.
If you are a charity/non-profit, you can list your fundraising event via your CharitySaver dashboard. To fundraise for a charity you need to register first Here. Once registered you can set up your own fundraising campaign by clicking on the button
Volunteering brings benefits for both the charity and the volunteer. To find out more and to explore volunteering opportunities from around the world, please click on the button opposite.
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A website is important if you are a charity (or non-profit or business)
Our partners CS-WW.COM are experienced in building websites that bring in donors (or customers if for a business) and can build one for you that accepts donations from the start. They can even write high performing blogs for you as well. Your website will also be cheaper via CharitySaver.

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Brain Injury Infographic

The Child Brain Injury Trust

The Child Brain Injury Trust is the leading voluntary sector organisation providing emotional and practical support, information and learning opportunities for families and professionals affected by childhood acquired brain injury.
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