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Find out how CharitySaver grows a charity’s income, increases the donor base and helps charities cut costs, whatever their size. Here’s a few of the hundreds of charities that have joined our initiative.

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CharitySaver is so much more than just fundraising; find out what we and our charities are doing to make the world a better place.

See why CharitySaver is the best, and cheapest, way for a charity to raise funds online

Global Giving
Local Giving
The Big Give
Charity Aid Foundation (CAF)
Just Giving
Card Processing Fees
Added Fees & Charges

Unlike many fundraising sites CharitySaver does NOT use extra charges or inflated card fees to take money from charities.

The above chart is based on costs for a charity collecting £80,000 + gift aid per year (shorter bar is best).

Card Processing Fees Added Fees & Charges Total Fee
Just Giving£1,920£1,562£3,482
Charity Aid Foundation (CAF)£2,000£1,600£3,600
The Big Give£0£4,000£4,000
Local Giving£3,400£4,096£7,496
Global Giving£0£10,000£10,000

Additional services available

CharitySaver is so much more than just another fundraising site, we provide a growing range of free or discounted services for both charities and donors.

The full range is available to you via your charity or donor club dashboard, but we have listed a small selection below.

Google Grants for Charities
Tech Support
Marketing and TV Advertising
Light & Heat
Free data audit plus Data Management services
Free donor profling for charities
Web Chat Services
Free workspace, retail and storage space
Charity Fundraising Consultancy


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