Charity, Non-Profit, Club, Donor… whatever your status, CharitySaver is free to register and has no membership or site fees - Just a host of free services and the lowest fundraising costs available.

CharitySaver provides support for charities and non-profits worldwide. Click HERE to explore how we help charities thrive.

Our services include: Google Grants, Free Retail/Office Space, Web Development, Telephone, Mobiles, Energy costs, Fundraising and much more.


Charities get more when you donate via CharitySaver, saving up to 70% of their costs compared to donating via fundraising platforms

Volunteering brings benefits for both the charity and the volunteer. To find out more and to explore our increasing number of volunteering opportunities from around the world, please click on the button above.

If you are a charity looking for volunteers and want to list your opportunities on CharitySaver, then please click on this Link

We are THE Google Grant specialists. The charities we have helped have received over $5 Million in free advertising from Google.

Unlike marketing agencies, our specialist team includes members of Googles original grants team with direct links to Google management, so you are getting the system designers, not just someone who has learnt the basics.

Contact us now to benefit from the $120,000 Google Grant for your charity - More…


Fundraising is the life blood of charities. Click on the button above to see all of the events currently underway.

If you are a charity/non-profit, you can list your own fundraising event via your CharitySaver dashboard. if you are looking to fundraise for a charity you need to register first Here. Once registered you can set up your own fundraising campaign by clicking on this Link

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