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Find out how CharitySaver grows a charity’s income, increases the donor base and helps charities cut costs, whatever their size. Here’s a few of the hundreds of charities that have joined our initiative.

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CharitySaver is so much more than just fundraising; find out what we and our charities are doing to make the world a better place.

BSA4Charity Buying Group Partners With CharitySaver

Who are BSA4Charity Buying Group? BSA4Charity Buying Group was set up over 15 years ago to help charities keep more of their hard-earned donations. They are professional buyers and use their buying power and procurement know-how to help charities stop cash leakage from overspend on running costs. More recently through their supplier partners they can […]

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Charities Back CharitySaver and the Evolution of Fundraising

CharitySaver is pleased to announce that the launch of its programme has been given the seal of approval from participating charities. “In response to the challenging times that charities face, our CEO, Les Robinson, and I have developed what we believe is the next evolution in fundraising,” says CharitySaver’s COO, Paul Lawton. The Value of […]

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Why donating via CharitySaver makes a real difference to your charity

Comparison of how much your charity receives on a £1,000 donation via each fundraising platform

(Donor Club)
Just Giving
Virgin Money Giving
The Big Give
Local Giving
Global Giving UK

* plus the est value of our “bulk buy” service for charities

CharitySaver is the only platform where your charity can benefit from over 100% of your combined donation & Gift Aid amount and where the donor can benefit too.

PlatformDonationGift AidDonation FeePayment Provider FeeCost to CharityCharity Receives
(Donor Club)
Just Giving£1,000.00£250.00£12.50**£19.20£31.70**£1,218.30**
Virgin Money Giving£1,000.00£250.00£20.00**£14.50£34.50**£1,215.50**
The Big Give£1,000.00£250.00£50.00£0.00£50.00£1,200.00
Local Giving£1,000.00£250.00£50.00**£14.10£64.10**£1,185.90**
Global Giving UK£1,000.00£250.00£187.50£0.00£187.50£1,062.50
* Charities also benefit from access to CharitySaver grants and can use our bulk purchasing power to reduce their expenses. As a not for profit (converting to a charity) any surplus income we have is passed on to our charity members via our grant programme and other services.

** Virgin Money Giving, Just Giving and Local Giving also charge additional fees.

Additional services available

BSA4Charity Partnership CharitySaver
      i-Giver AI-Integrated, Performance Enhancing Marketing Platform
Business Rates Haulage Fuel Staff Perks Charity Fundraising Consultancy
Catering IT Stationery Customer Service
Cleaning Supplies Life and Health Cover Telecoms Data Management Services
Commercial Insurance Office Furniture Travel Booking Google Grants for Charities
Credit Card Fees Packaging Vehicle Fleet Marketing and TV Advertising
Eco Buying Parcel Courier Services Waste Recycling Tech Support
Expenses Management Photocopiers & Archiving White Goods Vintage Donations’ Sales
Gas and Electricity Professional Services Workwear Web Chat Services


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